Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. I Am Confident 2. ThinkFun 3. Fettero
I Am Confident Best Gift For 8 Year Old Girl ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Fettero Tiny Gold

8 years is an important milestone for both parents and their daughters. At this age, the girl has already learned many subjects, and is ready to move onto new things. It would be difficult to keep up with her changing interests and activities.

You may be tempted to select a fashionable doll, a satchel, or colors that are available. Even if you choose the best gift for 8 year old girl, your little one may end up disliking it. So the best way out is to choose a toy or a jewellery set that suits this age bracket.

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To make it easier, we have curated a list of the best gifts for 8 year old girl. Go on. You’re just a click away from bringing a smile to your little one’s face.

Choosing Best Gift For 8 Year Old Girl

Children’s gifts are not always the same. Some gifts encourage your kids to play in groups, while some focus on self-development. On the other hand, some harness the patience and fine motor skills in children. Still, choosing gifts for 8 year olds is always challenging, but fun.

Here are some factors that will help in filtering your choices:

1. Gifts That Encourage Individuality

Every human inevitably has the desire to stand out in the crowd. That is the same for your 8-year old. With time, she would eventually become conscious of her looks, and body language and seek a sense of identity.

She would be trying out new outfits, accessories, and cosmetics. It is necessary to make her feel comfortable in her own skin.

So, gifts like hair colors, DIY nail studios, etc. are something that could help her make her own statement. Presents that encourage her to be independent and highlight the importance of a positive body image can never go wrong.

2. Gifts That Nurture Friendships

This is the phase where an 8 year old would love spending time with their friends more. Not that they wouldn’t be close to their family, but friends would be their priority.

They would be eager to be the centre of attraction among their friends. Thus it is important for her to foster healthy friendships and not become a victim of bullying.

Anything that would be good for a sleepover, like fortune cookie packs or unicorn sleep-robes, something which she can share with her friends, would be the best gifts for 8 year old girl.

3. Learning Is Fun

Children always have a plethora of interests, and thus, are mostly confused about what to choose. Their minds are nothing but a small toyshop. This age is the best to discover what she’s good at.

Moreover, she would be encountering more difficult subjects at school. So gift her books that promote STEM learning, enhance her creative skills, and keep her engaged. Books that have inspiring stories of other successful women are also a good choice.

Be it Frida kahlo, Bronte, or Celine Dion. Bring out the best in her!

4. Gifts That Build Patience

This age marks the whimsical nature of children. With energetic minds, they tend to get bored easily. However, it’s vital to grow the habit of sticking to any task.

So choose gifts that occupy a lot of her time, thus building her patience and enhancing maturity. Gardening Kits and Crystal Growing kits would be a very good choice in such cases.

These gifts further promote STEM learning, along with creativity and fun. Such gifts pave the way for curiosity with hands-on experience.

5. Electronic Toys

At this age girls already know how to operate electronic devices and are mostly found fidgeting with gadgets. Karaoke Mic, high-quality binoculars, and cameras would be the best gifts for 8 year old girl in such cases.

The improvised technology and stylish finish would also make for a realistic experience.

Top 21 Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girl 2021

1. I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful

I Am Confident Best Gift For 8 Year Old Girl

This innovative coloring book manufactured by Hopscotch Girls is one of its kind. Gift this to your 8 year old, if coloring is her forte.

This book has 24 pages filled with beautiful illustrations. Not the usual graphics and cartoons, this book has motivational quotes for your girl to color and fill. You would stare in amazement as she goes about coloring the doodles on bravery, confidence and beauty.

Not only does this book boost your daughter’s confidence, but this would be the best gifts for 8 year old girl with special needs. This book further enables kids to engage in an imaginative color play and makes them accustomed to group activities.

Break the stereotypes of coloring with these books and instill within your child positive thoughts. Inspire little girls that they can grow to become strong role models and encourage STEM skills.


2. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run  

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run

Is your little one always ahead in the class? Hone her skills further with the ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain game. One of the best gifts for 8 year old girl, this game is a unique combination of logic and marble run.

This game uses a STEM approach to increase a child’s cognitive and logical thinking abilities. Strategizing your way through the challenges builds reasoning and analytical skills. It has been specially engineered for a stealthy learning amongst kids.

The game has 60 challenges ranging from easy to difficult levels. It has 9 towers, 1 target piece, 3 marbles and a game grid. The detailed instruction manual makes it very easy to learn.

ThinkFun is the world’s leading manufacturer of brain games for kids and has sold over 50 million products. It has further received the Toy of The Year Award.


3. Fettero Tiny Gold

Fettero Tiny Gold

Hold on to that special bond with your kid with the Tiny Gold Initial Heart Necklace. Let her know that you’re always connected.

The special feature is the initial engraved in a small heart shaped pendant. It is a 14k gold plated necklace which is a good choice if you like to keep your ornaments to the minimum.

However, it is advisable to keep this piece away from oceanic water, cosmetics and perfumes. Also, remove it while showering. Store in an air-proof packet when not in use. Excessive contact with air leads to blackening.

Celebrate womanhood with this elegant necklace.


4. Kelly Barnhill The Girl Who Drank 

Kelly Barnhill The Girl Who Drank 

Let your girl dive into the world of mysticism with this gorgeously written fantasy. Winner of the 2017 Newbery medal, this book would be the best gifts for 8 year olds.

Every year the citizens of the Protectorate leave a baby with the witch to save themselves from her tyranny. However, the witch being a kind woman, used to give away the babies to people on the other side of the forest. On the journey, she would nourish them with starlight.

She feeds moonlight to Luna,the protagonist by mistake, which gives her extraordinary powers.The story unfolds in numerous ways and ends with a twist. 8 year olds would absolutely enjoy reading this.

Kids always have their own world of imagination and this would further add to it. This book is further available as an audiobook, paperback and hardcover editions. This product is The New York Times bestseller and also has a mystique cover, to further attract children.

The simple style and easy words make it engaging and make for a good read. It has been rated as the best middle grade book, 2016 by the Entertainment Weekly.


5. Doctor Unicorn Unicorn Gifts For Girls

Doctor Unicorn Unicorn Gifts For Girls

Looking for an all in one makeup essential backpack for the little makeup artist? The Unicorn Drawstring backpack would be the best gift for 11year old girl. Designed in vibrant colors, featuring a unicorn motif, the backpack itself is a treat for the eyes.

The entire package includes : a backpack, a bracelet, a necklace, a makeup pouch with 5 hair bands- all with the unicorn emblem.

The bracelet also has adjustable strings to make it wearable for adults. So step up the unicorn party by twinning with your daughter. The bag is purely made of polyester without any blends.

This makes it suitable to carry lightweight items like gym clothes, ipad and pouches. However extra weight can tear the backpack.

What we liked about this product was the availability of a huge variety of designs and shades. Cartoon unicorn, Galaxy flower, Pink flower- ask for it and you would get it.


6. Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Own Water Bottle 

Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Own Water Bottle

You must have come across DIY Nail Studio and tattoos. Ever heard of DIY bottle decoration? This product by Purple Ladybug is one of its kind.

It has 7 sheets of glittering Rhinestone stickers. All you have to do is peel them and arrange in your desired pattern. The stickers come in a variety of sparkling hues. Some of them are individual, while the rest are in patterns.

The bottle is BPA free and also has an ergonomic structure. It has a wide mouth that makes cleaning the bottle easier. The flip-lid ensures easy drinking and makes it secure, no matter how you carry it. The bottle also has a carabiner. So take it wherever you go.

The glossy surface of the bottle matches any sticker you put. It is loved by parents alike for its safety and practicality. The lid also has a silicone seal to prevent leaking.

The activity further enhances fine motor skills, boosts confidence and encourages creative expression.Bring out your creativity in a unique fashion and be the star of your group.


7. Wireless Karaoke Microphone Toy

Wireless Karaoke Microphone Toy

Do you often find your kid humming her favorite tunes? The Wireless Karaoke Microphone Toy would be the best gifts for 8 year old girl in this case. It is made of an aluminium-magnesium alloy that makes it durable and exquisitely fashionable.

It has bluetooth karaoke technology. So your little diva can record albums on her favorite tunes. The built -in audio system of the mike is combined with an improvised sound technology that delivers clear audios, without any disruptions.

It also has 2 stereo speakers, a noise reduction chip and a three layer high density filter which beautifies the sound to give a wide ambience. The mic can be connected by either a wired USB or bluetooth, whichever is practical.

It is compatible with Android,ios and all other smartphones with a bluetooth connection of 10 metres. It has a professional mixture that helps you to juggle within tracks. You can adjust the music, echo and volume as per your need.

The TF port allows insertion of TF and SD card capacity of upto 8GB. However, you would have to buy the card separately. Forget the hassles of plug-ins as this is a battery operated device. It has a long-lasting Lithium battery. So just sing whenever, and wherever you want to.

The model is also lightweight and is available in numerous hues like rose gold, pink, blue and gold. Let your child unleash the singing diva within her.


8. Husan Great Gift Toy 

Husan Great Gift Toy 

Observe your kid closely. Is she the one who is always busy keeping an account of her pocket money? Make her task easier with the Mini ATM Piggy bank by HUSAN. This would be the best christmas gifts for 8 year old girl to make her Christmas more special and unique.

It can store 600 coins and 100 paper notes. It is a lightweight model with a minimum weight of 660 grams. So you can easily take it wherever you want to. The size specifications are: 5.1×4.7×7.4 inches.

It is a battery operated machine and requires 3 pieces of AA batteries. However, these are not included and you need to buy them separately. What’s unique if you ask us, is the unique password protection feature.

It gives you four attempts. Any wrong input after that would result in a loud beep from the machine. All so realistic, isn’t it? It is made of high quality ABS material and is safe for children.

This also makes for the best birthday gifts for 8 years old girl if you want to grow the banker within her.


9. High-Resolution Real Optics Mini Compact Binocular

High-Resolution Real Optics Mini Compact Binocular

Children are often curious and observant too. Feed her curiosity with this High Resolution Compact Binocular. It may be small in size, but works nothing less than an original one.
It is undoubtedly the best gifts for 8 year old girls as well as boys.

The small structure and lightweight allows kids to carry it in their backpacks every day. It is available in 13 different shades with uncommon hues like Camo and Classic Green.

Using this product does not need adult supervision. The rubber pads around the eyepiece protect children from getting hurt. The ergonomic design provides a good grip and prevents slipping from hands.

The eye distance gap differs from person to person. This binocular takes it into account too. For example, if you want to focus on any object, turn the center knob for clarity. It is easy to focus. Objects distanced 1000 yards away can be easily brought into sharp focus.

The 8X magnification and 7.2 degrees viewing angle all make for a realistic experience. The BAK 4 FMC prism green multi-layer broadband coating controls optical reflection and gives clear and vivid images.

Even if you lose grip accidentally, the binocular lenses would remain unharmed because of the rubber padding. The polycarbonate and rubber exterior also makes the binocular scratch resistant. It is available in a variety of hues. So you wouldn’t face any problem finding her favorite shade.

This binocular is suitable for all outdoor activities like bird watching, hiking, sports competitions and a lot more.


10. Dan Darci Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

Dan Darci Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

When it comes to expressing your creativity, remember that the sky is your limit! The same can be done with gardening too. Not only does this build patience, but has therapeutic benefits as well.

The Dan Darci Paint and Plant Flower Growing Kit is a unique gardening kit that brings out your creativity. It would be the best gift for 8 year old girl to instill the nurturing spirit in her.

Each package consists of 3 seed packets, plastic liner, mudcakes, a shovel, watering bottle and the tin for placing the plants. The fun items include a strip of 6 colors, a palette, two brushes, 3 plant markers and a beautiful instruction booklet.

Your children would love it the moment they unbox the package. The detailed instruction leaflet is easy to understand. It also provides knowledge about the life cycle of plants with vivid imagery that makes learning fun.

The common varieties of the package include Marigold, Cosmo and Zinnia. All you have to do is plant them as per the instructions. Whatever you need, is already there in the package.

Once done, you can paint the planter as you like. Paint the markers too. You can also add Rhinestone stickers and glitters to give it a signature touch.

This product has been created as per the guidelines of STEM methodology. It has further been certified by for meeting the highest standards of STEM approaches. Kindle your child’s interest in botany with this fun to do activity.


11. 4M Basic Crystal Kit

4M Basic Crystal Kit

This would be the best gift for 8 yr old girl if she has a key interest in science. She can view crystals growing with this unique Crystal Growing Kit.

All that she would have to do is mix all the compounds as instructed. Then fill up in different beakers and wait and watch. Let her see science in motion.

It serves as a beautiful decor and adds to your little one’s growing knowledge too. She can also document every stage of the growth. Also, once they’re fully grown, she can display them in her case.

You can also put them on the LED light display and watch in awe as the lights burst out. It is also powered by an USB cable that keeps the lights glowing throughout the night.

The set even comes with an informational sheet with detailed descriptions of all the crystals.It also includes the mixtures, beakers and stirring tools. So not only will she watch, but learn as well. This gift would be a very good choice for getting a hands-on experience.


12. WowWee Lucky Fortune Blind Collectible Bracelets

WowWee Lucky Fortune Blind Collectible Bracelets

If you’re throwing a birthday party for your daughter, returning gifts for her friends are an important part. This is where choosing the best gifts for 8 year old girl becomes necessary. The WowWee Lucky Fortune Collectible bracelets would be an ideal choice for this purpose.

Each package contains a fortune cookie shaped bracelet case with a lucky charm matching the paper fortune. The kids would get only luckier with this case. The levels are lucky, very lucky, very very lucky and ultra lucky.

There are various ranges available too. For example, collector’s case, the BFF series etc. The set of six would be enough for a small group. However, if you’re looking for a huge bash, go for the 36 cookie pack. Pass it around to discover who is the ultra-luckiest!

The 5 categories where you can get lucky are : friendships, love, happiness, adventure and success. Not just the charm, but the cookie itself looks stylish. You can also add it as a keychain to your bag.

Being lucky has never got so easy. Just grab them and break them to seal your luck!


13. Prograce Children Kids Camera Waterproof 

Prograce Children Kids Camera Waterproof

Do you often find your little one randomly taking videos? Hone her filmography skills with this Waterproof video action camera by PROGRACE. The 1.77” LCD screen camera would be one of the best gifts for 11year old girl, if you’re planning to add to her setup.

This product comes equipped with a CMOS image sensor, professional HD 1080P/30fps videos and 5MP photos, 40 built in photo frames, 7 color modes, 4X digital zoom and time lapse photo function. The triple mode volume adjustment and face recognition, all make for a real time shooting experience.

What’s unique, if you ask us is the waterproof coating of the device. This makes it an ideal camera for shooting while she’s into other activities like skateboarding, cycling and even swimming. It would take something more than just an accidental splash to destroy this beauty.

It comes with a 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery which lasts for a maximum for 1.5 hours. There’s a separate slot for the micro SD card. However, you would have to buy the card separately. Ensure that it is a 32GB one, as anything more than that would be incompatible.

Speaking of warranty. PROGRACE is committed to delivering excellent products. It has a one year warranty for this device and gives free customer service to all it’s clients round the clock.


14. Cismark Cartoon Animal Cat Bear Fox Cotton Socks

Cismark Cartoon Animal Cat Bear Fox Cotton Socks

Gift your little one the extra warmth this Christmas. Available in a wide range of cute shades, CISMARK’s socks would be the best christmas gifts for 8 year old girls.

Made of 85% cotton, and 15% spandex, these socks provide the ultimate comfort. It is stretchable, durable and breathable. You can either hand wash or machine wash the socks. Each of the sets have 6 socks of the same length.

Some have cat ears with unique color combinations. You can also get a couple of other cute prints like teddy bears and koalas. The length of the socks are 40-42 cms. However, these would be calf-length or knee-length depending on the height of your children.

The high quality cotton makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The socks are cozy and sweat wicking too. The elastic is neither too tight. So you can wear it all day long, even while going to bed. The cute designs, comfortability and color contrasts make it the best gifts for 8 year old


15. Craft-Tastic – String Art KitCraft-tastic – String Art Kit – Craft Kit Makes 3 Large String Art Canvases

Boost the creativity in your little girl with these string canvases. You would look on proudly as she goes connecting the strings from one dot to another, adding to her mental growth. It would be the best christmas gifts for 8 year old girl as they’re mostly stuck indoors during such cold temperatures.

So just sit by the fireplace and bring alive the joyous feeling of creation. The Craft-tastic kit includes 70 yards of colorful thread, 3 foam canvases and 170 pins. It also comes with a detailed instruction leaflet to nurture young minds to be independent.

The printed canvases and colorful yarns make for a vivid display and add to the aesthetic growth of the child. Just place the pins on the board as per the given designs and string it accordingly.

Each kit comes with 3 designs. Currently, the best selling kit includes the designs of an owl, a YAY and a Sun. You wouldn’t have to shop for any other essentials. All are included within the kit. No hammer is required as well, to insert the pins.

Decorate your walls with these artworks and make your girl an inspiration for others!


16. National Geographic Kids Why?

National Geographic Kids Why

Every kid has an innate curiosity. They just don’t realise it. Answers to their endless questions – why is the snow white or how are mountains formed, this book has all the answers. Apart from story books, this book would make the best birthday gifts for 8 yr old girl to feed their curiosity.

With over 1,111 answers, the colorful illustrations give a realistic learning to kids. Reading this book would undoubtedly give her the legs up and make her the star in regular quizzes. The vivid imagery and detailing further kindle a child’s interest.

Some books often have misprints or wrong information. However, the author Crispen Boyer, is known for his impeccable research. So rest assured, your kids are learning it all right.

Who knows, you might as well end up learning something too!


17. Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack

Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack

Couldn’t get enough of mysticisms,miracles and enchantments? Does the 8 year old often dress up in the colors of The Little Mermaid? The Mermaid Reversible Drawstring backpack would be your go to.

What’s more, the turquoise and green sequin further adds to the glam and glit which would steal the show. The sequin is reversible, so that gives you two patterns in one. Furthermore, the bag comes with a sequin keychain, two headbands and two bracelets to match the shine of the backpack.

This would be the best gifts for 8year old girl if you’re recently planning for a trip to Disneyland. The drawstrings are very flexible and the inner pocket is quite handy. However, at times it may happen that the sequin cannot be changed smoothly, without any hassle. That is something you need to watch out for.


18. Women Who Dared

Women Who Dared

Women have been doing astonishing, brave, and risky things for a considerable length of time, however they’re seldom referenced in our history books as explorers, thrill seekers, or dissidents. This innovative compilation of brief life stories highlights women since the beginning who have taken a chance with their lives.

These may be those characters that young women aren’t familiar with, but should know about. Encourage, inspire and nurture minds with this book as it is one of the best gifts for 8 year old.

Annie Edson Taylor, the principal individual who set out to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Valentina Tereshkova, the lady who set out to fly in space, Helen Gibson, the lady who became a professional stunt person, are all examples to behold.


19. SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique

SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique

This specialty science unit accompanies all-regular beeswax, 6 beautiful blend and-match lip cases, a formula booklet, and super-adorable molds to make boutique lip ointments, lavish cream bars, and sweet lip scours!

The dissolve-and-pour plans in the booklet are anything but difficult to follow and ideal for kids ages 8 and up, making this an incredible choice for birthday events, sleepovers, and young ladies’ night.

Prepare unique concoctions that smooth your lips and mirror your own style. With 6 shaded lip emollient units, gift bags, and stickers, this pack accompanies all that you have to make sumptuous lip salves and moisturizer bars for yourself and your companions.

Our helpful, pocket-sized cases permit you to carry your lip-balm around in style, and would be a great choice for personalised gifts. Your companions will cherish these nice, hand crafted presents!


20. Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

This Unicorn hooded bathrobe would be the best gift for 8 years old girl if you want to give her a good sleep full of vibrant dreams. Unicorn signifies mysticism, miracles and magic. Bring alive the same in your little one with this unique sleepwear.

Made of 100% polyester, this sleepwear is soft and gives a snug fit. This aspect makes it ideal for a good sleep. The unicorn head is something that girls would die for.

Not only does it add to her personality, but would surely make her the star at the weekend sleepover party. Not just this, it is further accessible in almost 15 color combinations.

Don’t like unicorns? Nevermind, butterflies and rainbow skies are available too. So choose your mystic power right away!

Speaking of size, it is always better to go for the larger size if you are not getting the proper fit. This product can either be hand -washed or machine washed. However it is recommended to be
kept away from sunlight.


21. Pinwheel Crafts Jewelry Making Kit

Pinwheel Crafts Jewelry Making Kit

Carrying yourself well, mix and match, adding your own style statement – is that what you often see her doing? Then the Pinwheel Jewellery Making Kit would be the best gifts for 8 year old girl.

The entire kit contains 8 pendants in different shapes – oval, round, square and diamond, 8 glass covers, and 8 chains. Apart from the numerous creative designs clouding a kid’s brain, it also has more than 200 images to give an edge to your style.

Crafting further keeps your children away from videogames and shapes their mind to do something constructive. These skills of precision, choosing the right color contrasts further helps in developing fine motor skills like holding a pencil properly, tying shoe laces etc. This also instills the spirit of teamwork.

So guide your girl in developing not just her personal style statement, but also life skills. The kit even comes with glue. This glue is enough to make all the jewellery. However, if need be you can always use the glue available at home.


DIY Gifts For 8-Year Old Girls

Gifts need not be fancy and expensive. Gifts are what make the receiver feel special. Nothing can be more special than crafting the gifts for the 8-year-old yourself.

Christmas would be the best season to show your love for the special people in your life.

1. Rainbow Crayons

Making these is as easy as baking cookies.

Children are bound to have leftover or broken crayons in their pencil boxes. So take all of them together and first peel their covers. Next, break them into pieces and put them into cookie moulds.

Put them in the oven at 100 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Once they melt, cool them down and remould. You would find lovely blocks of multi-colored crayons.

These crayons are the best for shading landscapes and making colorful backgrounds as you get a unique blend with just one stroke.

2. Moon Sand

Moon Sand is a good alternative for store-bought clay dough. Making the moon sand with your 8 year old would be even more fun. Here’s what you would need for making it:

  • 4 cups of sand
  • 2 cups cornstarch
  • 1 cup water
  • 2tbsp coloured powder paint
  • Loads of glitter powder

Mix the sand and the cornstarch in a bowl and add water to it until it becomes a dough. Consistency should be that of pastry dough. The dough should neither be too hard nor too soft. You can add more water if needed.

Finally, add all the powder paint and the glitter to get the desired color. After adding it, crumble it with your hands until they form sand-like particles. This step is an essential one and requires fine motor skills.

You could get your daughter and all her friends into making this. It would be an amazing experience in crafting moon sand together.

3. Beaded Jewellery

For this, all you would need is colorful beads and thin aluminium wires. First, take the wire and craft it into the structure of the ornament you want. It could be a tiara, a necklace, an anklet, or a bracelet.

Next, go about attaching the beads following the basic structure. You can also include some pearls to give it an aesthetic look. The added advantage? You can choose the beads and make a set for her that matches her favorite dress!

4. Night Lamp

You may call this a modification of the lightbox, which is very good for toddlers. Instead of putting some fairy lights in a box, you could follow the steps to create an aesthetic night lamp for her. For this, you would need:

  • Tracing sheets
  • Fairy Lights
  • Sticky tape
  • Opaque Storage Boxes/ White Fibre Sheets

Trace the shape you would want your lamp to be. It can be a crescent moon, a unicorn, or any other motif depending on your kid’s preference. Place the outline on the fibre sheet and cut it accordingly.

You should have two cutouts for two faces of the lamp. Attach these two faces with sticky tapes and tracing sheets. Once you have an enclosed structure, fill it with fairy lights and switch it on.

What Gift To Avoid For 8 Year Olds

Just like choosing the best gifts for 8 year old girl can be a daunting task; keeping them safe is also a primary concern. Here are certain tips that might be of help:

  • Before gifting any storybook, make sure you go through it thoroughly. Some books often have stories of mental and physical abuse. Most 8 year olds are usually not familiar with such incidents. So it is always advisable to check the book before purchasing and choose accordingly.
  • Check their toys, especially jewellery sets. The DIY Jewellery sets often contain pins and hoops, which might be hazardous. Once the children are done playing, ensure no pins are lying around.
  • When buying a helmet, scooter, or any sports equipment, make sure you have purchased necessary safety pads and helmets. Do not allow children to go riding without proper precautions.
  • With age comes responsibility. Teach your children to remove their toys after playing to keep them away from younger siblings. This also prevents accidents like tripping over or minor injuries.
  • Battery removals and charging should be strictly supervised by adults.


1. What If She Doesn’t Like The Gift?

There are gifts for girls who have interests in various niches. Since all are different from one another, they have unique preferences. So it is always advisable to enclose a gift receipt for her to exchange the gift.

2. My Daughter Is Very Whimsical, And Has Changing Preferences. How To Choose A Gift For Her?

Observe her closely. You would find her interests would usually change from one type to another.

For example, one moment, she could be doing her hair and her nails the next. While reading, she could shift genres. She could be interested in various forms of sports. So look for the common aspect- Is it the book, the makeup items, or the sport that interests her? Choose accordingly.

3. What Would Be The Best Gifts For Charity?

There is nothing called the “best gift”. It is all about how special you can make one feel. You may choose any of the gifts mentioned above for an anonymous donation. A homemade cake would be as good as any of these gifts.


In this comprehensive guide, we have tried to include all sorts of gifts, keeping in mind the shifting interests of children. While some love colors and books, others may prefer makeup and technology. All you have to do is keep an eye.

Each girl has her unique personality and interest. We hope that she likes any gift you choose from our list of the best gifts for 8 year old girl.

Just remember, a gift from the heart can never go wrong.

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