Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Craft DIY Beads 2. Makeup Toys 3. Drawing Board
Craft DIY Beads Best Gifts For A 6-Year-Old Girl Makeup Toys Drawing Board

Like many phases of development, contradictions characterize a period of 6 year old development. In the big-kid years, a 6 year old child will have his foot more securely than they did as a kindergartner; at the same time, they will still feel the fear that comes from moving more in the big open world without their parents’ protection.

As they experience school, play dates, birthday parties, and other activities without a parent, they may want and need more attention and comfort in their home.


It’s sometimes difficult to think of a gift for a 6 year old girl. Many people consider a book for the child, while others prefer fashion accessories and jewelry. There are also those who offer tools that can be used in training.

Many adults, however, view toys as important resources that help children to learn better. That said, for a 6 year old girl, we’ve researched 30 best toys and gifts ideas that help develop psychomotor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

Children are likely to be in kindergarten or first grade by the time they turn six. They may have a little more fun with the types of toys that they play with.

When it comes to toys for 6 year old girls, our suggestions take into account all the different interests that the girls may have. So whether she enjoys playing with dolls and board games or experimenting with robots and slime, there’s a fun and educational choice here for your little girl.

To help you find this year’s best gifts for kids, the lab experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute, reviewed hundreds of toys during our annual toy study.

Some of the gifts below are even former winners of the GH Toy Award for children of all ages, from 2-year-olds to teens. Don’t forget to check out Good Housekeeping’s other gift guides.

Never restrict your options to standard toys when offering a little girl something. Alternatively, look for unique items that fit the girl’s interest and help her learn specific skills.

Top 25 Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls 2021

1. Craft DIY Beads

Craft DIY Beads Best Gifts For A 6-Year-Old Girl

A reusable storage container that is split into 24 compartments to keep organized bead crafting. A lovely package box that makes a good gift set for the DIY beads.

The high-quality acrylic beads in the setting can be used in a variety of activities including DIY parties. Use these beads to make jewelry such as rings, necklaces, hair hoops, etc.

Good for children adults Toddlers kids creative ability, creativity, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, ability to start.
DIY Beads Collection Included in a compartmentalized case 300 beads-24 different types and shapes of bright, stylish DIY beads

Easy to build jewelry, bracelet, necklace, ring or hair hoop or any project that kids make for their creativity for age 5 and up, keep happy time for the child and the parent. Good Christmas presents for children at Birthday.


2. Makeup Toys

Makeup Toys

Simulation table model dressing table, made from high-quality plastic abs, children can play safely.

Product accessories: A: hairdryer, interface, hair curler, scissors, comb, mirror, perfume, lipstick, hair clip, hairpin. —B Style: hairdryer, interface, hair straightener, hair curler, scissors, comb, mirror, perfume, lipstick, hairpin. A B two styles.

Children’s cosmetics box for making a child princess’s dream come true. Fuchsia color, packed with the atmosphere of a princess. Suitcase design, easy to carry, easy to carry, large space for playing toys.

Press the switch to blow a small wind and simulate the hairdryer. Every little princess’s favorite is a fun perfume bottle, translucent with glitter powder.

Mirror with plexiglass, clear image, light and not fragile. Clips of hair may be worn on the head.


3. Drawing Board

Drawing Board

The magnetic drawing board is constructed using sturdy plastic, adding the 4 detachable legs, which makes it more convenient to change the writing board flexibly to match the children’s stand or sitting position as needed.

The auxiliary tools for painting, such as pens and cute stamps, will help infants draw what they think.

The Doodle Sketch Board is composed of 4 color areas: red/blue/green/yellow, coloring your baby drawings and stimulating the interest of children. Colorful doodles enhance the understanding of nature in children, stimulating their creativity and curiosity.

Our drawing board with child-friendly round edges is made of odor-free and non-toxic abs materials to ensure safety for children.

Using the erasable writing board is so simple for children, only one swipe back and forth will wipe away all doodles, use imagination & creativity to create endless sketches and paint freely!

It is possible to fold the four legs of the table, the travel size is easy for children to bring around. It also has a pen and 2 stamps to write and draw for a long time for a child. It’s on the mess that can keep your children and house tidy. It’s the best gift to support the growth of your infant.

Magnetic drawing boards will encourage imagination for your kids and help them learn how to express themselves creatively. Good festivals/birthdays/visit gifts and fit for any events outdoors.


4. Kitchen Set

Kitchen Set

Use your imagination and become a chef, restaurant owner, or just prepare your friends or dolls for a delicious meal! This lovely kitchen playset includes a refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, stove, toaster, sink! It even has extra counter space to cover your dishes!

Comprises 1 bowl, 1 pan, 4 plates, 1 cup, 3 instant coffees, 3 large cooking spoons, and spatulas, eating utensils and playing food like toast, chicken and an egg! Total: 28 bits!

Become the family chef, or even create a delicious meal for your friends with this beautiful kitchen playset! The set of play stimulates both imagination and motor skills!

Measure approx.18 x 8 x 27,Need 2 AA batteries. It does not include batteries. Recommended for 1-2-year-old children. Small parts, requiring adult supervision.


5. Doctor Toy Set

Doctor Toy Set

Not poisonous. Meet the standard US Toy. Safety Test Approved, and the smooth edges will protect safe play for children. It’s durable, safe and reliable. Children can trustfully play.

Even on travel, it is easy to take along with a slot. Robot attachments can be placed on the cart’s groove to improve the child’s good habits.

It facilitates imitative and imaginative play, promotes fantasy storytelling to help develop the imagination, creativity, and thinking ability of children, and by their action practice their hand-eye-coordination and manual versatility.

Playing a role is a great way to improve empathy and social skills, with this handy medical kit, Preschoolers will love to play doctor or nurse. Your child will use their imagination with this kid’s doctor toy kit to build hours of enjoyable playtime.

Recommended this kid doctor kit for children aged 3 years and up. Fit for Party, Pretend Play, Role Play, School Classroom, Christmas Gifts, Holiday Toy Gifts and More!!!


6. Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans

Features 4 1-covered pots and pans, 6 cooking utensils, 8 play grocery products, 1 heat-resistant glove, and platter bar. This incredible 20-piece kitchen package of stainless steel pretend to play includes all your kid’s needs!

Children learn by doing, pretend to be playing dolls, and games are the ideal teaching tools. Beebeerun metal cooking kitchen toy collection will help to promote hand-eye coordination, creative expression, and imaginative play.

It’s extremely important to play a role for kids. It allows a free run of their imagination. This kitchen playset set comes with utensils and food accessories played inspires children to assume the role of a chef, teaching them some easy culinary skills.

Stainless Steel Hand-Polarized. Sturdy Looped Handles with Riveted Design. Tested to be safe for children accepted in the laboratory by CPSC.

Ideal toys to help children grow early. Suitable for children aged 2 and above. The kitchen collection pretends play is a perfect gift for the holidays, birthday parties or festivals.


7. Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies

An artwork amongst Walkie Talkies: excellent exterior design, brilliant interior design, the best gift toy ever for your children.

Smaller size, bigger backlit LCD, ergonomic button configurations, easier to work with one hand.

TRUE Walkie Talkies also suitable for adults, transmitting range up to 3 miles, crystal voice quality from powerful speakers and a highly sensitive microphone.

IPX4’s waterproof and antioxidant corrosive-resistant gold-plating PCB design allows the talkies to operate in severe (humid or hot) environments, such as rainy day, snowfield, seaside, forests and jungles, and deserts; working temperatures of minus 20 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Holiday, Christmas and birthday presents are good choices. They’ll love children of all ages, and adults.


8. Huaker


The children’s video camera is supported by dual camera, both front and rear are 8.0 Megapixels that could take up to 1920x1080P video, keeping the boys or girls clear wonderful moment.

2.4 inch screen children’s cameras and camcorders come with more features including original photo taking, video recording, replay, MP3 Play stored videos, music, 4 funny kid games, 5 scene options, 4 color filters, and 8 funny frame, small and light toys camera that will draw children’s attention and have fun for it!

The silicone shell ensures the children’s camera recovers from any unintended slips and falls. Light and lightweight, perfect for small hands, with a lanyard for making the camera handy to hold everywhere, only catch scenes or animals on nature with family, experience nature fun!

Built-in 3.7V lithium rechargeable battery and a free 16 GB TF card that can be used instantly, no need to worry about low battery pictures or recorded video for 3 hours. It is ideal for recording children’s growth path and allowing children to enjoy the fun of taking photographs!


9. Personalized Necklace

Personalized Necklace

New designs are produced to suit your style and gift occasions monthly. Your jewelry is as exclusive as it is. All gravings and customizations are done by hand, and each stone is carefully chosen and tested for sparkle and clarity.

That piece of jewelry has a special memory that will certainly make you smile and make sense. Your jewelry is polished to perfection as a finishing touch, and handpicked with love, ready for a life full of love.

A perfect gift for women, kids, mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, son, brother, aunt, best friends, bridesmaid, loved ones or a special treat to yourself, and all occasions: Mother’s Day, Valentine, Marriage, Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas.

Up to 10 characters always capitalized in the first letter. The average size of the pendant is 0.75 – 2 inch/2 – 5 cm. Chain style: 14,16,18,20,22 cable chain duration.

This necklace arrives in a pocket or an elegant gift box, special Gift Note by checkout for an additional small fee.


10. Slime Kit

Slime Kit

His all-inclusive homemade, clear slime kit includes all you need to keep boys and girls busy for hours! 12 Color Clear Crystal Slime, 12 Slime Containers, 48 Glitter Sheet Jars, 25 Packs of Slime Charms, 2 Packs of Colorful Foam Balls, 2 Packs of Fruit Slices, 2 Packs of Fishbowl Beads, 2 Packs of Paper Accessories, 2 Straws.

Girls kids arts and crafts. Strengthen the imagination of your little one, and help them develop motor skills and strengthen eye-hand coordination! What better way to spend the day than project making at-home slime?

They’ll be busy making accessories with this slime all day while engaging in fun, sensory play! The best rainy-day game, play-dates, birthday parties and more.

Enough stocks of slime set to make Clear Slime, Foam Ball Slime, and Glitter Slime your own. The creation of fun slime and art projects is a stress-free way.

Eco-friendly material, easy to wash and healthy to clean. ASTM certified, for children safe. Do not eat. Suggested for ages 6 and over.


11. Townley Girl

Townley Girl

Kids enjoy dressing up, emulating their idols and exploring their style. TownleyGirl produces health & beauty products that will support parents and children alike.

Whether they use sheer lip gloss, peelable nail polish or moldable bath soap, children will have a great time dressing up and cleaning up. Moreover, everyone can feel good that the products from TownleyGirl are non-toxic, approved by PETA, and friendly in the budget.

With that fun package, they hit the nail on the head! She gets 18 different shades of nail polish here which all trolls love. Use them as gifts for parties, or let her keep them all!

Nail polish is an important addition to the girly-girl look. With this universal troll-inspired nail polish collection, give her the resources to accessorize. She gets 18 distinct shades of polish here.

A brush-on, non-toxic, and quick-dry formula makes this 18-color package the perfect choice for small hands and feet.

The bottles are adorned with the animated film Trolls ‘ favorite characters, including Poppy, Branch, Diamond man, and more! Use these bottles of nail polish as party favors, for playdates or spa days. Or just let her keep it all! The options are endless, with so many choices.

To clear it from the fingers, just scrape off the dried paint. No need to expose your child to harmful vapors and chemicals in a standard remover of the nail polish.

Our formula of nail polish dries quickly so that your little one can get to play without waiting.

The set includes 18 Polish nail tubes, including opaque and glittery colors. Shades include white, black, green, orange, blue sky, purple, dark blue, etc. Mix and match, get creative!

uch polishes can be used on many occasions — birthday party favors, stuffing stuffers, sleepwalks, makeovers, school prizes and more!


12. Drawing Tablet

Drawing Tablet

In Lights, put your art! You can create amazing art with the Crayola Ultimate Light Board and show it in a big, bold way. Only draw your masterpiece straight on to the surface of the Light Board and turn it on. Watch your drawings shine!

The bright LEDs built into the frame make the inks shine! The adjustable back panel allows photo tracing a snap. And just wipe the screen clean for limitless imagination, when you’re finished.

Let the Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet shine brightly into your drawing. Use the washable gel FX markers to draw directly onto the light up tracing pad to display your art in a big, bold way. Each collection of drawings comes with LEDs built into the frame to make the gel markers glow.

Replace the back of this light board to quickly trace images, or leave the backdrop blank to create original designs.

When it’s time for a different project, simply wipe the washable markers from the screen and restart. The only markers recommended for use with the ultimate light board are Gel FX markers.


13. Pretend And Play

Pretend And Play

This toy collection will give your little 6 year old girl the chance to engage in imaginative play while at home as a school teacher. It comes with a working school bell, a 15 “hand pointer, crayons, a yellow pouch, passes through a whiteboard, and hall. The carrying case is strong and comes in a pretty color.

Giving this gift to your daughter will inspire her creativity and highlight her accomplishments in progress as she goes into grade school

Not only does this school environment help role play, problem-solving and social interaction, it also helps her to be ready for school.


14. Osmo

Osmo Genius Kit is a great gift if you want to know and involve your 6 year old girl with her iPad, without touching the screen. This toy breaks down the barrier between digital and physical play. The toy kit comes with 5 games i.e. Tangram, Newton, Figures, Names, and Masterpiece.

Instead of watching movies on the iPad, this educational option should keep your child amused. It also lets you know on the go. The child will learn each subject separately and at his own pace.


15. Hedbanz


HedBanz is a universal game, just updated now. Instead of writing card topics and tapping them on the forehead, HedBanz uses beautifully crafted graphics with a timer and 6 headbands in it.

The game is for 2 players or more. This involves each player taking a card and slipping it into
their headbands, without seeing it for the other player to see.

The players take turns asking yes or no questions until the winner snaps victory by guessing the cartoon on their card.

The kid will learn categorical skills, critical thinking, and vocabulary as she puts the riddle of what’s in her card together. Great for kids who enjoy puzzles, riddles, and deductive reasoning.


16. Hypoer Toss

Hyper Toss

This immersive easy catch and release game will test your 6 year old girl’s pace. The game involves the use of a handheld cup to catch a ball.

The cup consists of three different colored cups, which are used for various challenging games. Your child can explore his or her skills using the kit’s 4 different modes.

This immersive easy game of catching and releasing will test the pace of your girl, who is 6 years old. The game involves the use of a cup to catch a ball by hand.

The cup is made up of three different colored cups which are used for various challenging games. The 4 different modes of the kit allow your child to explore his or her skills.

That game comes with audio prompts to make the play easier. Because the game records the score, it will encourage your girl to play with friends or on her own for better results. This is a very fun and exciting game to keep your girl engaged.

This interactive game takes advantage of technology to encourage motor skills growth. Whether she challenges her score or her friend’s score, that’s going to be a win for her physical and mental growth.


17. Crystal Crush

Crystal Crush

Girls love shiny and glittering stuff. An example of that is the Stitch’n Custom Crystal Clutch. This kit comes with over 550 pieces of sparkling jewelry and a purse for your 6 year old girl making her own glamorous and glitzy bag.

The bits of jewellery adhere easily like a mosaic on the belt. She can also use the pieces of jewellery to decorate other craft kits.

If she doesn’t like getting clothes made, let her focus on the clutch. The more than 500 pieces of jewelry can make any creative mind want to try something new.

She will be using the remaining jewels to bedazzle other things in her closet after she is through with the clutch.


18. Scooter


This immersive easy catch and release game will test your 6 year old girl’s pace. The game involves the use of a handheld cup to catch a ball.

The cup consists of three different colored cups, which are used for various challenging games. Your child will develop his or her skills using the kit’s 4 different modes.

Every game comes with audio prompts to make the play easier. Because the game records the score, it will encourage your girl to play with friends or on her own for better results. This is a very fun and exciting game to keep your girl engaged.

The interactive game takes advantage of technology to encourage motor skills growth. If she contests her score or her friend’s score, that’s going to be a win for her physical and mental growth.


19. DIY Headbands

DIY Headbands

While headbands are a throwback to the mid-20th century, the majority of young girls choose to use them as an accessory as well as a fashion statement.

With 10 highly customizable headbands, your 6 year old girl will have plenty to work with on headbands. Each set comes with different accessories as well as trendy headband design materials.

The doll comes with shoelaces, ribbon ties, ribbons, crystals, felt, sticky, tulles, gemstones, rubber bands, and cloth flowers, in addition to the 10 headbands.

Customizing a headband is a creative undertaking that will empower your girl with bold style and fun colours, to express her inner self. The kit will allow her to be creative as she engages in pretend play and matching her outfits.


20. Fashion Plates

Fashion Plates

If you’re looking for a unique stencil art as a gift to your 6 year old girl then consider Deluxe Kit Fashion Plates. In addition to 20 sheets of drawing paper, this package includes over 30 pieces of fashion art materials, 8 colored pencils, 15 interchangeable fashion plates, a drawing pad, a carrying case and a rubbing crayon with a holder.

The kit will be your girl’s first design book. The numerous stencils are designed to trigger hours of fashion ideas. The simple instructions are going to guide your girl into her future.


21. Scrapbook


Scrapbooking for girls is among the most popular hobbies. With Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook you’ll be able to introduce the tradition to your 6 year old girl. The kit features over 450 important scrapbooking materials, including ribbons, stickers, glue, gems, and paper.

The package also comes with a hardcover scrapbook of 48 pages, as well as simple instructions.

It’s important to capture your 6 year old girl’s special moments. It shows her the value of building a relationship with her favorite people and maintaining the special memories.

Your girl is learning social skills at this age and scrapbooking is a great way to encourage her to capture those moments.


22. Alex Toys

Alex Toys

While drawing with markers and pencils these days seems to be a lost art due to computers and tablets, this toy kit makes drawing easy to know. The preprinted slides and projector allow users to easily create stunning images by tracing the slide projections.

So inspire your 6 year old girl so make 3 kinds of artwork, the toy set comes with 124 preprinted slides.

The kit also comes along with stickers, simple instructions, and documents. The built-in drawer allows for easy storage of materials after use of this set for the kid.

For your 6 year old girl, the projector makes it easy to draw stupid pictures over hours.


23. Blingelets


It kit makes it very easy to design jewelry for a 6 year old girl. For your child, designing her jewellery or following the decoration-by-number designs will be exciting. This is going to be a hit for your child whether it’s her first jewelry design kit or not.

It comes with more than 700 bling jewel stickers which are used to decorate 12 bracelets. Ideal for an individual project or a group art project.

The Stick’n Style Blinglets give your girl a chance in jewellery design. The Jewels show a girl’s inner diamond. It is perfect for sleeping parties and princess tea parties.


24. Disc Set

Disc Set

This plastic disk construction system is a thrilling alternative to the building of old school blocks. Your girl will be getting more than 500 plastic disks in a jar with this toy.

The disks are easy to assemble and disassemble, making it simple to build. The discs come in a reusable jar which facilitates storage and cleaning.

The disks are made from secure polyethylene. By adding this construction kit to your collection of 6 year old girl buildings, her interest in engineering education will surely increase.

It’s important to improve your girl’s dexterity and coordination at this age. So, give her a birthday gift which will reinforce her growth. Such disks provide a fascinating alternative to the traditional building blocks. The discs make it fun and fresh to create.


25. Alex DIY

Alex DIY

You can help your 6 year old girl make her own quilt with this package. The kit has everything it takes to create a good-sized quilt without stitching in a very short time.

It comes with 48 fringed squares which make a 42x 54 quilt soft. Only the pre-cut squares with fringes have to be used and connected by forming a knot.

The brightly colored squares in the package produce an attractive pattern as it connects them.

This kit will promote her creative talent and help her to express herself freely while at the same time giving her the skills which develop her imagination. She gains confidence in working with other materials after she crafts the quilt.


Mentality Of A 6-year-Old Girl

Six-year-olds show great control over their bodies as their physical development is booming. They also demonstrate the ability to perform complex tasks such as athletics, music, painting, and self-dressing.

A 6 year old’s brain has fully developed physically, but over the next 20 years it will continue to develop neurologically. Your child will be feeling right and wrong at this point.

However, she will still need some guidance from you, especially with advanced concepts such as time management and organization.

Six-year-olds are just starting to discover their mini-social scene. Friendships may thrive, but they may fizzle as well, which may be a new concept to them. “They will also want to seek approval from figures of authority such as parents and teachers,” Dr Narasimhan says.

“At this age, children will want to socialize and develop friendships, and sometimes conflict with certain concepts such as sharing.”

Even though watching your child grow up can sometimes be challenging, your thoughts and input are important to your 6 year old. When it comes to learning how to share, coping with the relationship drama and showing anger, she will need your help.

You need to consider her personality, situation, factors, age-related developmental tasks, maturity level, and whether she is in a time of equilibrium or disequilibrium to fully understand her.


  • is expansive and out of bounds
  • is dramatic and loud
  • likes to show off
  • can be very affectionate
  • can be extremely enthusiastic and adventuresome
  • asks a lot of questions
  • is demanding, contrary or combative
  • is competitive – needs to be the fastest, best, the winner
  • may be aggressive
  • is stubborn
  • cries easily when hurt physically
  • tends to fling clothes all over the house
  • often loses shoes
  • suddenly seems clumsy and uncoordinated
  • may go through parents’ private stuff


  • has a hard time dealing with failures
  • cannot bear to lose or be criticized
  • loves to be flattered and praised
  • can be ambivalent, may have trouble making choices
  • is easily hurt emotionally

Childhood brings with it many changes in the lives of a family. By this time, kids can dress up, catch a ball more quickly with their hands, and tie their shoes. Now it is becoming more important to have freedom from relatives.

Things like starting up school, put this generation into regular contact with the larger world. Friendships are getting increasingly relevant.

At this time, physical, social, and mental skills are developing rapidly. This is a critical time for children to build trust in all areas of life.

It is a time of significant shift in social and cognitive abilities. The 6 year old is heading towards greater freedom, mentally as well as emotionally. From learning through observation and experience to learning through language and logic, there is a shift.

Choices at this age can be challenging, as the child struggles with the downstream effects of their choice.

That is to say, if they choose chocolate ice cream over vanilla ice cream, then they must agree that they will not eat vanilla ice cream. In some children this awareness of the effect of their decisions on the quality of their lives may be profound.

The 6 year old is worried about parents and teachers’ love. The 6 year old is starting to understand that words can hurt their feelings, and yet each person has different sensitivities at the same time.

Structure, like any period, is necessary to encourage adaptation. The system provides him with assistance in transitioning to school in the case of the6 year old.

Watching your child perform is important to their self-esteem, as the newly acquired abilities need a real audience. Equally, in this period, recognition is very important.

The sad part about the 6 year old is that they start losing their creativity. Fantasy playing is dramatically diminishing. Six-year-olds want to pick “actual” stuff up and take “real” photos.

They want to integrate in the world as though they were adults. Their play’s fancifulness recedes.

The 6 year old is keen on law. Rules bind their fear, so they don’t have to think about what to do. Children also create games left to their own devices, with detailed rules and rituals.

Ordering is vitally important. Order offers the 6 year old the chance to feel safe in what would otherwise be a scary environment.

This is the generation that governs the same-sex games. Girls play equally and boys play similarly. Playing boys appear to be harsh, aggressive, and not very articulate.

Playing girls require artistic imagination and appear to be more cooperative. Most parents are worried about their child, who at this age, wants to play with the opposite sex and yet play preferences about personality, not sexual orientation.

When emotions grow, so does the desire to have a best friend, and an enemy. At six, children understand the relationships, both positive and negative.

This is the era of black and white thinking, as their cognitive skills grow. Things are right or wrong, they’re great or terrible. The middle ground still hasn’t reached their thinking.
eve her full potential.

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