Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girl 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. I IHAYNER  2. M Prefontaine 3. PROGRACE
I IHAYNER Bowknot Cute Leather Backpack  Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls M Prefontaine Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids PROGRACE Children Kids Camera

So you’re in need of a gift for your 11 year old daughter, or are simply browsing options to surprise your little niece. Despite how well you know her, choosing the best gifts for an 11 year old girl can be a daunting task.

Girls mature earlier than boys and are always at par with changing trends. She may end up disliking the bowtie or the necklace that was special to her four months ago.

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We have done the work for you. We have meticulously scanned through reviews and done our research. So here we present to you a list of the best gifts for an 11 year old girl to bring a smile on her face.

How To Choose The Gifts

You need to know that the little 11 year old you’re looking at, is going through a series of developments. She has crossed her childhood and would be attaining adolescence very soon.

Choosing the best gifts for an 11 year old girl is difficult as she is in a maze of emotions. There might be hidden talents which you are yet to discover, or she may be willing to try out new things too. Keep a check on what she loves doing, and choose accordingly.

However, here are some factors that would help you in choosing:

1. Gifts That Encourage Individuality

Every human inevitably has the desire to stand out in the crowd. That is the same with your 11year old. With time, she would eventually become conscious of her looks, and body language, and would seek a sense of identity.

She would be trying out new outfits, accessories, and cosmetics. It is necessary to make her feel comfortable in her own skin.

So, gifts like hair colors, nail studios etc. are something that could help her make her own statement. Presents that encourage her to be independent and highlight the importance of a positive body image would always be a success.

2. Gifts Which Nurture Friendships

This age is a phase where an 11 year old would love spending time with their friends more. Not that they wouldn’t be close to their family, but friends would be their priority.

They would be eager to be the centre of attraction among their friends. Thus it is important for her to foster healthy friendships and not become a victim of bullying.

Anything that would be good for a sleepover, like the Unicorn robe, something which she can share with her friends, would be the best gifts for an 11 year old.

3. Gifts Which Educate Her About Adolescence

The age of 11 is when early puberty sets in. Apart from the mosaic of emotions that she is caught in, other bodily changes would affect her too. This is also when bullying, gaining social media fame or becoming conscious of one’s body becomes rampant.

They may not speak about it to you always. Go for journals or diaries and storybooks like Chicken Soup that she can read on to know about it herself.

Some journals even have special word prompts to encourage writing. Once the diary becomes her best bud, there’s nothing to worry about. You can go through the diary to get to the bottom of her perplexities and be aware.

Learning Is Fun

Children always have a plethora of interests and thus are mostly confused on what to choose. Their minds are nothing but a small toyshop. This age is the best to discover what she’s good at.

Moreover, she would be encountering more difficult subjects at school. So gift her books that promote STEM learning, enhance her creative skills and keep her engaged. Books that have inspiring stories of other female role models are also a good choice.

Be it Picasso, Shakespeare, or Celine Dion. Bring out the best in her!

Top 23 Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls 2021

1. I IHAYNER Bowknot Cute Leather Backpack

I IHAYNER Bowknot Cute Leather Backpack  Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

If you want your little diva to stand out in the crowd, this backpack would add to the shizz. Manufactured by IHAYNER, this cute thing comes in ten hues. Beige, blue, pink, maroon- you would rarely face any problem choosing her favorite shade.

This backpack has adjustable shoulder straps along with a multi-pocket. The bag is divided into several compartments, i.e., separate space for your phone, wallet, and a small water bottle.

The zippers are also very good. The unique blend of polyester and artificial leather adds to longevity. This aspect also makes it a very good product for regular usage. The small bowtie is an eye-catcher and will cause heads to turn at your little bag.


2. M Prefontaine Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

M Prefontaine Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The mind once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimension”. So if you’re looking to boost the mind of the little one, this would be one of the best gifts for an 11-year-old girl.

It would be the best gift to keep your daughter’s mind occupied while honing her analytical skills. This is an activity-based book that calls for the participation of the entire family. Not only does this boost your child’s memory but also imbibes within her the feeling of togetherness and binds her with family values.

This book has more than 300 puzzles to stretch a young mind. This increases the memory, analogical, and logical thinking power of the child. The entire book is divided into three sections.

The difficult ones are for the kids aged 10 . Just like any other book, the riddles progress from easier ones to those requiring higher cognitive thinking.

Break the stereotypes of a boy having the best mathematical mind. Shape the 11-year old’s mind and make her the little Sherlock!


3. PROGRACE Children Kids Camera

PROGRACE Children Kids Camera

Do you often find your little one randomly taking videos? Hone her filmography skills with this Waterproof video action camera by PROGRACE. The 1.77” LCD screen camera would be an ideal gift for her.

This product comes equipped with a CMOS image sensor, professional HD 1080P/30fps videos and 5MP photos, 40 built-in photo frames, 7 color modes, 4X digital zoom, and a time-lapse photo function. The triple mode volume adjustment and face recognition, all make for a real-time shooting experience.

What’s unique, if you ask us is the waterproof coating of the device. This makes it an ideal camera for shooting while she’s into other activities like skateboarding, cycling, and even swimming. It would take something more than just an accidental splash to destroy this beauty.

It comes with a 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery which lasts for a maximum for 1.5 hours. There’s a separate slot for the micro SD card. However, you would have to buy the card separately. Ensure that it is a 32GB one, as anything more than that would be incompatible.

Speaking of warranty. PROGRACE is committed to delivering excellent products. It has a one year warranty for this device and gives free customer service to all it’s clients round the clock.


4. Craft-tastic – String Art Kit

Craft-tastic – String Art Kit

Boost the creativity in your little girl with these string canvases. You would look on proudly as she goes connecting the strings from one dot to another, adding to her mental growth. It would be the best Christmas gifts for 11-year-old girls as they’re mostly stuck indoors during such cold temperatures.

So just sit by the fireplace and bring alive the joyous feeling of creation. The Craft-tastic kit includes 70 yards of colorful thread, 3 foam canvases, and 170 pins. It also comes with a detailed instruction leaflet to nurture young minds to be independent.

The printed canvases and colorful yarns make for a vivid display and add to the aesthetic growth of the child. Just place the pins on the board as per the given designs and string them accordingly.

Each kit comes with 3 designs. Currently, the best selling kit includes the designs of an owl, a YAY, and a Sun. You wouldn’t have to shop for any other essentials. All are included within the kit. No hammer is required as well, to insert the pins.

Decorate your walls with these artworks and make your girl inspiration for others!


5. Unicorn Drawstring Backpack

Unicorn Drawstring Backpack

Looking for an all in one makeup essential backpack for the little makeup artist? Designed in vibrant colors, featuring a unicorn motif, the backpack itself is a treat for the eyes.

The entire package includes: a backpack, a bracelet, a necklace, a makeup pouch with 5 hairbands- all with the unicorn emblem.

The bracelet also has adjustable strings to make it wearable for adults. So step up the unicorn party by twinning with your daughter. The bag is purely made of polyester without any blends.

This makes it suitable to carry lightweight items like gym clothes, iPad, and pouches. However extra weight can tear the backpack.

What we liked about this product was the availability of a huge variety of designs and shades. Cartoon unicorn, Galaxy flower, Pink flower- ask for it and you would get it.


6. National Geographic Kids Why? Book

National Geographic Kids Why? Book

Every kid has an innate curiosity. They just don’t realize it. Answers to their endless questions – why is the snow-white or how are mountains formed, this book has all the answers. Apart from storybooks, this book would make the best gifts for 11 year old girl to feed their curiosity.

With over 1,111 answers, the colorful illustrations give realistic learning to kids. Reading this book would undoubtedly give her the legs up and make her the star in regular quizzes. The vivid imagery and detailing further kindle a child’s interest.

Some books often have misprints or wrong information. However, the author Crispen Boyer is known for his impeccable research. So rest assured, your kids are learning it all right.

Who knows, you might as well end up learning something too!


7. Fettero Tiny Gold Initial Heart Necklace

Fettero Tiny Gold Initial Heart Necklace

Hold on to that special bond with your kid with the Tiny Gold Initial Heart Necklace. Let her know that you’re always connected.

The special feature is the initials engraved in a small heart-shaped pendant. It is a 14k gold plated necklace which is a good choice if you like to keep your ornaments to the minimum.

However, it is advisable to keep this piece away from oceanic water, cosmetics, and perfumes. Also, remove it while showering. Store in an air-proof packet when not in use. Excessive contact with air leads to blackening.

Celebrate womanhood with this elegant necklace.


8. Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

This Unicorn hooded bathrobe would be the best gifts for 11 year old girl if you want to give her a good sleep full of vibrant dreams. Unicorn signifies mysticism, miracles, and magic. Bring alive the same in your little one with this unique sleepwear.

Made of 100% polyester, this sleepwear is soft and gives a snug fit. This aspect makes it ideal for a good sleep. The unicorn head is something that girls would die for.

Not only does it add to her personality, but would surely make her the star at the weekend sleepover party. Not just this, it is further accessible in almost 15 color combinations.

Don’t like unicorns? Nevermind, butterflies, and rainbow skies are available too. So choose your mystic power right away!

Speaking of size, it is always better to go for the larger size if you are not getting the proper fit. This product can either be hand -washed or machine washed. However, it is recommended to be
kept away from sunlight.

The vivid colors and combinations make it the best Christmas gifts for 11 year old girls.


9. Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter Diary

Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter Diary

This journal diary by Meredith Jacobs would be the best gift for 11 year old daughter. Want your daughter to open to you for every little problem of hers? This would be the perfect gift.

This diary has several words prompts that encourage her to write, also adding to her vocabulary. Allow her to pen all her thoughts and queries onto this little diary of hers. Go through this journal at your convenience to get a sneak peek into her world of imagination.

Moreover, the regular practice of writing would further help in developing coherence in her thoughts. Grammar, good spelling, and beautiful handwriting are other features that your child will improve.

This journal has a total of 144 pages with colorful illustrations in between. It weighs 1 pound. So your daughter can carry this book with her everywhere.

Celebrate motherhood and strengthen the bond with your daughter.


10. I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls

I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful A Coloring Book for Girls

This innovative coloring book manufactured by Hopscotch Girls is one of its kind. Gift this to your 11 year old, if coloring is her forte.

This book has 24 pages filled with beautiful illustrations. Not the usual graphics and cartoons, this book has motivational quotes for your girl to color and fill. You would stare in amazement as she goes about coloring the doodles on bravery, confidence, and beauty.

This book further enables kids to engage in an imaginative color play and makes them accustomed to group activities.

Break the stereotypes of coloring with these books and instill within your child positive thoughts. Inspire little girls that they can grow to become strong role models and encourage STEM skills ( Science, technology, engineering, and Maths).


11. GirlZone Temporary Glitter Tattoos Kit

GirlZone Temporary Glitter Tattoos Kit

Tattoos are something that requires precision and creativity. If your little diva yearns for the same, then this would be the best gift for her. Is she constantly surfing YouTube to get a hang of the latest designs? Gift her this DIY studio.

This pack contains 24 stencils, with 6 glitter liquid colors to make give an edge to your tattoos. Not to worry, the colors are dermatologically certified to be skin-safe. However, special care should be taken so that children do not consume it accidentally.

If your daughter becomes a pro in making tattoos, then who knows? She could do her mum’s tattoos one day! These colors can easily be washed off too. So keep away your worries of having to scrub stains on clothes or tables.

The stencils are reusable. You can also get a separate stack of stencils to create more designs. Just place the stencil onto your skin, apply the colors, and then slowly pull off the stencils. If kept away from water, the tattoos would remain for a maximum of three days.


12. Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul

Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul

At the tender age of 11, the pre-adolescent age brings in a whole set of new changes and problems amongst girls. Penned by the teens, and for the teens, this book covers a lot of issues that are still considered taboo.

From sexual abuse, bullying, and first infatuations to a girl’s first period- this book covers it all. Give this book to your kid and help her learn about such issues all by herself.

Even if your daughter is an introvert, and does not open about her problems easily, this book would be her best guide. It is available both as a paperback as well as an audiobook. So either way, your daughter would be getting some meaningful bedtime stories.

The stories further educate young minds about the importance of having a positive body image and keeping their personal identity intact. It also deals with the issues of divorce and the burden of keeping up to the expectations of elders.


13. Notebook Doodles Go Girl!

Notebook Doodles Go Girl!

This doodle activity book isn’t just any other coloring book. It is full of brilliant doodles for the design-savvy and creative minds out there. Neither would it make you feel too young and nor too old.

This book has 30 pages with various illustrations, a coloring lesson, and 8 pages with quotes on how to color in the most effective ways. Crayons, watercolors, gel pens – use anything and everything that you have. What’s more, this set even comes with a color palette of bright hues.

Moreover, the pages are thick, so color them as you like. Want to showcase your little Picasso’s work? The pages are also perforated for you to take them out easily and frame it as your personal decor.

The product has been designed by Jess Volinski, an imaginative creator. She is a famous artist who has a unique, credible style. Inside this book, you’ll discover 30 intuitive shading pages on fun topics, with unique, legitimate, and on-pattern craftsmanship that reverberates with the spirit of young minds.


14. Pinwheel Crafts Jewelry Making Kit

Pinwheel Crafts Jewelry Making Kit

Carrying yourself well, mix and match, adding your own style statement – is that what you often see the 11year old doing? Then the Pinwheel Jewellery Making Kit would be the best gift for 11 year old girl.

The entire kit contains 8 pendants in different shapes – oval, round, square, and diamond, 8 glass covers, and 8 chains. Apart from the numerous creative designs clouding a kid’s brain, it also has more than 200 images to give an edge to your style.

Crafting further keeps your children away from videogames and shapes their minds to do something constructive. These skills of precision, choosing the right color contrasts further helps in developing fine motor skills like holding a pencil properly, tying shoelaces, etc. This also instills the spirit of teamwork.

So guide your girl in developing not just her personal style statement, but also life skills. The kit even comes with glue. This glue is enough to make all the jewelry. However, if need be you can always use the glue available at home.


15. Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack

Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack

Couldn’t get enough of mysticism, miracles, and enchantments? Does the 11 year old often dress up in the colors of The Little Mermaid? The Mermaid Reversible Drawstring backpack would be your go-to.

What’s more, the turquoise and green sequin further adds to the glam and glitz which would steal the show. The sequin is reversible, so that gives you two patterns in one. Furthermore, the bag comes with a sequin keychain, two headbands, and two bracelets to match the shine of the backpack.

The drawstrings are very flexible and the inner pocket is quite handy. However, at times it may happen that the sequin cannot be changed smoothly, without any hassle. That is something you need to watch out for.


16. SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique

SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique

This specialty science unit accompanies all-regular beeswax, 6 beautiful blend and-match lip cases, a formula booklet, and super-adorable molds to make boutique lip ointments, lavish cream bars, and sweet lip scours!

The dissolve-and-pour plans in the booklet are anything but difficult to follow and ideal for kids ages 8 and up, making this an incredible choice for birthday events, sleepovers, and young ladies’ night.

Prepare unique concoctions that smooth your lips and mirror your own style. With 6 shaded lip emollient units, gift bags, and stickers, this pack accompanies all that you have to make sumptuous lip salves and moisturizer bars for yourself and your companions.

Our helpful, pocket-sized cases permit you to carry your lip-balm around in style and would be a great choice for personalized gifts. Your companions will cherish these nice, handcrafted presents!


17. Linda Skeers Women Who Dared

Linda Skeers Women Who Dared

Women have been doing astonishing, brave, and risky things for a considerable length of time, however, they’re seldom referenced in our history books as explorers, thrill-seekers, or dissidents. This innovative compilation of brief life stories highlights women since the beginning who have taken a chance with their lives.

These may be those characters that young women aren’t familiar with, but should know about. Encourage, inspire, and nurture minds with this book.

Annie Edson Taylor, the principal individual who set out to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Valentina Tereshkova, the lady who set out to fly in space, Helen Gibson, the lady who became a professional stunt person, are all examples to behold.


18. Hair Color For Kids

Hair Color For Kids

After all the makeup kits, nail art studios, sequin bags we have just the perfect gift to complement the entire set. Temporary hair color for kids! With highlights being a la mode, kids would also get love to get their hair streaked.

The children can easily use these to dye their hair without any adult supervision. It is also temporary, so there’s no need to chop off your hair if you don’t like the color. These chalks being skin-friendly, can also be used to make tattoos. So that’s double the fun.

Each hair chalk provides up to 80 applications. This product has been clinically tested and doesn’t leave your hair frizzy with split ends. It gives a soft and smooth feel.

The colors are also non-toxic and non-allergenic and water-soluble. They’re easy to use and easy to remove. Be fearless and bold with the bright shades and add a unique dimension to your everyday looks.


19. Vlando Princess Style Medium Size Jewelry Box

Vlando Princess Style Medium Size Jewelry Box

Make your little princess, The Princess with this Jewellery box by Vlando. Have no more jewelry scattered around? Arrange it neatly in small compartments with this jewelry box by Vlando.

This product is available in four different colors, and also comes with a cloth bag. So you don’t have to worry about the thin film of dust that usually gets accumulated on the top. The size is neither too small nor too big- a mere 9.1 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches. This makes it easy to carry it around.

The box has a flannel interior, with a velvet lining and PU leather on the exterior. It is also scratch-resistant, and wouldn’t tear easily. The Buckle type closure would further make your kid feel nothing less than a Disney princess.


20. Active Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

Active Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

Apart from decorating her room, this gift would help her to stand out with her bike. Lights on the bike wheel would further add to her style statement. The lights are bright and waterproof and thus gives her an added security.

These lights increase the visibility of the bike at night and prevent minor accidents. Having these lights would further encourage her to go out and spend her time outdoors.

These lights are highly durable. They can withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, hail, snow, and dirt. They are available in a wide range of colors from blue, red, green to magenta.

However, you can use only one light per spoke. You can either go for a full set of the same color or put a different color on each spoke. Fit these lights and look in awe when the wheels roll!


21. The Period: Book A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up

The Period Book: A Girl's Guide to Growing Up

This is an all in one book that covers everything that a girl faces during puberty. From body changes to her first period and even online bullying.

Although this book was first published in 2010, authors have continuously edited and upgraded it with the changing trends. This book offers comprehensive and clear advice on how to deal with common issues like pimples and mood swings.

The revised edition has illustrations that promote body literacy. The latest edition features sections on :

  • Personal hygiene
  • Infatuations
  • Changing friendships
  • Relatable anecdotes
  • How to deal with sexual harassment

If your daughter is uncomfortable in sharing her feelings and experiences with you, this book would be her ultimate guide.


22. Crystal Growing 4M Basic Crystal Kit

Crystal Growing 4M Basic Crystal Kit

This would be the best gift for an 11year old girl if she has a key interest in science. She can view crystals growing with this unique Crystal Growing Kit.

All that she would have to do is mix all the compounds as instructed. Then fill up in different beakers and wait and watch. Let her see science in motion.

It serves as beautiful decor and adds to your little one’s growing knowledge too. She can also document every stage of growth. Also, once they’re fully grown, she can display them in her case.

The set even comes with an informational sheet with detailed descriptions of all the crystals. It also includes the mixtures, beakers, and stirring tools. So not only will she watch, but learn as well. This gift would be a very good choice for getting hands-on experience.


23. Endless Games Encore Board Game

Endless Games Encore Board Game

Do you often find your daughter hymning tunes most of the time? If yes, then this Encore board game would hone her musical skills further.

Just like UNO, you would have to sing with every card that you get. You would be given a word prompt, and have to sing a song with the same.

This board game consists of 48 both sided cards, 7 blank cards, and dice. It also comes with an easy to understand and detailed instruction leaflet. So you would have the game on your fingertips in no time!


DIY Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girls

Gifts need not be fancy and expensive. Gifts are what make the receiver feel special. Nothing can be more special than crafting the gifts for the 11-year-old yourself.

Christmas would be the best season to render your love for the special ones.

1. Rainbow Crayons

Making these is as easy as baking cookies.

Children are bound to have leftover or broken crayons in their pencil boxes. So take all of them together and first peel their covers. Next, break them into pieces and put them into cookie moulds.

Put them in the oven at 100 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Once they melt, cool them down and remould. You would find lovely blocks of multi-colored crayons.

These crayons are the best for shading landscapes and making colorful backgrounds as you get a unique blend with just one stroke.

2. Moon Sand

Moon Sand is a good alternative for store-bought clay dough. Making the moon sand with your 11 year old would be even more fun. Here’s what you would need for making it:

  • 4 cups of sand
  • 2 cups cornstarch
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2tbsp colored powder paint
  • Loads of glitter powder

Mix the sand and the cornstarch in a bowl and add water to it until it becomes a dough. Consistency should be that of pastry dough. The dough should neither be too hard nor too soft. You can add more water if needed.

Finally, add all the powder paint and the glitter to get the desired color. After adding it, crumble it with your hands until they form sand-like particles. This step is an essential one and requires fine motor skills.

You could get your daughter and all her friends into making this. It would be an amazing experience in crafting moon sand together.

3. Beaded Jewellery

For this, all you would need is colorful beads and thin aluminum wires. First, take the wire and craft it into the structure of the ornament you want. It could be a tiara, a necklace, an anklet, or a bracelet.

Next, go about attaching the beads following the basic structure. You can also include some pearls to give it an aesthetic look. The added advantage? You can choose the beads and make a set for her that matches her favorite dress!

4. Night Lamp

You may call this a modification of the lightbox, which is very good for toddlers. Instead of putting some fairy lights in a box, you could follow the steps to create an aesthetic night lamp for her. For this, you would need:

  • Tracing sheets
  • Fairy Lights
  • Sticky tape
  • Opaque Storage Boxes/ White Fibre Sheets

Trace the shape you would want your lamp to be. It can be a crescent moon, a unicorn, or any other motif depending on your kid’s preference. Place the outline on the fiber sheet and cut it accordingly.

You should have two cutouts for two faces of the lamp. Attach these two faces with sticky tapes and tracing sheets. Once you have an enclosed structure, fill it with fairy lights and switch it on.

Tools And Skills Are The Best Gifts

People would rarely tell you this. For the best gift for an 11-year-old daughter, nothing would be better than passing down the skills you may have acquired from your mother. Be it Christmas, or birthdays, this would be the perfect idea to make her feel special.

1. Gardening Kit

Are you the one who’s very fond of gardening? Pass on your exquisite skills and the set of tools to your child. Not only does it make a very good hobby, but gardening is also a peaceful and therapeutic activity.

Get new samplings and plant them together on her birthday. Nurturing it daily and growing up with the plant together would be a delightful experience. You could also make DIY plant pots. For example, try using cans or plastic bottles and recycle them.

Gardening requires patience and skills. This would lessen the addiction towards phones, and also make her a mature and caring individual.

2. Baking Essentials

They say when you’re unhappy, bake a cake and give away. Just like gardening, baking requires patience and precision.

Teach her the secret of how to bake the perfect pumpkin pie. Mother and daughter duo baking together is always good. This would also allow you to know her interests and forte well.

Apart from cute moulds and cookie cutters, you can also gift her a cookbook with all the new recipes and baking tricks. Bake together and have the most wonderful goodies.

3. Sewing Kits

Pull down the old sewing kit that you used as a child. Get some colorful fabric, threads, and buttons and teach her how to sew. She may even get inspired to stitch her own outfits.

This would encourage her to have her own style, which she can flaunt with panache. Who knows! She could be gifting you her own creations next. There you have a fashion designer in the making!

FAQs on Gifts for 11 year Olf Girls

1. What If She Doesn’t Like The Gift?

There are gifts for girls who have interests in various niches. Since all are different from one another, they have unique preferences. So it is always advisable to enclose a gift receipt for her to exchange the gift.

2. My Daughter Is Very Whimsical And Has Changing Preferences. How To Choose A Gift For Her?

It is very common for 11-year-olds to be unsure of their choices. Observe her closely. You would find her interests would usually change from one type to another.

For example, one moment, she could be doing her hair and her nails the next. While reading, she could shift genres. She could be interested in various forms of sports. So look for the common aspect- Is it the book, the makeup items, or the sport that interests her? Choose accordingly.

3. What Would Be The Best Gifts For Charity?

There is nothing called the “best gift”. It is all about how special you can make one feel. You may choose any of the gifts mentioned above for an anonymous donation. A homemade cake would be as good as any of these gifts.


In this comprehensive guide, we have tried to include all sorts of gifts, keeping in mind the shifting interests of 11-year-old girls. While some still love dolls, others may prefer makeup and technology. All you have to do is keep an eye.

While gifting something to an 11-year-old, keep in mind that she’s in a growing stage. So choose those gifts which would contribute to the process and shape her to be a mature woman. We hope that she likes any gift you choose from our list of the best gifts for 11-year-old girl.

Just remember, a gift from the heart can never go wrong.

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