Best Gift For 5 Year Old Girls 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Tara Toy 2. Catch A Mermaid 3. Shifu Orboot
Tara Toy Best Gift For 5 Year Old Girl How To Catch A Mermaid Shifu Orboot (App Based)

It’s tricky to find the right gifts for five-year-old girls. They are not toddlers anymore, but they have not developed a very clear sense of taste and preferences either. And there is a huge array of products on the internet that claim to be safe and fun for kids. But how can you be sure?

So before you go on to search for the best 5 year old girl gift, you might want to take a few minutes out of your time to go through our selection of what we think can be the best gift for 5 year old girl. Five-year-olds are at a crucial age where their cognitive skills such as critical thinking and reasoning, and physical functions, such as motor skills are under action.

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There are various kinds of plays and activities that enhance this kind of development, such as physical outdoor activities, playing with objects, role playing, and so on. Educational gifts are important since kids can learn a lot from them. However, kids should have fun. Often, the more fun and engaging activities are, the more children would learn from them.

Tackling all these little aspects might be daunting, which is why we have broken down the factors you must keep in mind if you want to buy the best gifts for 5 year old girls.

Factors To Consider While Buying Best Gift For 5 Year Old Girl

There are several factors we should keep in mind while buying a product that would transform it into the best gift 5 year old girl.

1. Durability

Kids can be messy. They drop things easily because their motor skills are still under development. It’s essential to make sure that whatever they are being gifted is durable so that they can use it for long enough. That way, parents and guardians do not have to worry about their belongings breaking apart constantly.

We can also make sure that the gift ages well. It is not strictly necessary, but it can be a memorable keepsake if they can use it long enough. It is indeed tricky to find such products, but we have kept durability in mind so that you can find the best five year old gifts.

2. Safety

Speaking of kids being messy and clumsy, we should always make sure that the gifts that five-year-olds are receiving are safe for them to use. From the quality of the products to their size, all the little things that can be a safety concern should be considered.

3. Comfort

When we are considering products that five-year-olds are supposed to wear or carry around, comfort is a key factor. Kids can easily develop rashes or allergies from various things. It is essential to note that the products are made from quality, non-toxic material.
Weight of the items should also be considered. Lightweight things are easy to carry from place to place which also increases their functionality.

4. Functionality

Five-year-olds are growing every day. Their cognitive skills such as thinking, logic, creativity are developing along with their linguistic and social skills. There are also a lot of physical factors that are also under development during this time.

We can go with classic gifts such as a doll for a five-year-old girl. But, gifts which are educational, or gifts that nurture their imagination, critical thinking and other abilities are even better. This is a factor you must keep in mind if you want to buy the best gift for 5 year old girl.

5. Is The Gift Engaging?

Children do not like the mundane. They get bored easily, and it’s difficult to hold their attention. This is why, even if gifts are functional or educational, they might simply be discarded by kids, and rendered useless. We don’t want that to happen.

Gifts for five-year-olds should be engaging, colorful, fun and something that incites their curiosity. Often, kids can learn more from something that is not outright educational, but interests them and keeps them engaged, than from something that is intended for them to simply learn. We want to make sure that your kids can let their imagination spread wings, and learn while having fun at the same time.

6. Value For Price

There are so many products on the internet, with so many different reviews and ratings. It’s difficult to accurately select quality products at a good price. Durability is often an issue, since cheap products might or might not be durable. Besides, it’s hard to find good products at a reasonable price while also keeping all the other five factors in mind. And that is why we are here to help.

Top 16 Best Gift For 5 Years Old Girls 2021

We have taken into account all the factors that we have mentioned, and curated a list of 16 products that are the best gifts for 5 year old girls.

1. Tara Toy Princess Necklace Activity Set

Tara Toy Princess Necklace Activity Set Best Gift For 5 Years Old Girls

Little girls love princesses, and they love jewelry. And one of the best gifts for 5 year old girls is perhaps this necklace set featuring their favorite Disnep princesses.Consisting of 150 colorful beads, 5 silicone necklaces and 5 character charms, the little girls can make a variety of combinations out of the pieces. The charms feature Disney princesses like Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Tiana, and our favorite mermaid, Ariel.

Activities like making these necklaces out of tiny beads enhance fine motor development in kids, while they can have fun with the colorful pieces and the princesses. It would also give wings to their creativity, through the process of building the jewelry.

Coming with a carrying case which has a sturdy handle, the set can also be carried along anywhere for the kids to play. The clasp on the necklaces are rubber pressure clasps instead of metal ones or hooks, so you do not have to worry about the little girls hurting themselves.
Any five year old girl would be over the moon to get this as a present.


2. How To Catch A Mermaid

How To Catch A Mermaid

Mermaids are one of the most mystical creatures. What’s there not to love about them? This might be one of the best gifts for 5 year old girls who love mermaids.Parents are often fussed about story-time. Sometimes even if the stories are interesting, they fail to engage kids’ attention completely.

This book is filled with colorful and vivid graphics along with a compelling story that captures kids’ interest fully and gives them a delightful story-time experience.How to Catch a Mermaid is one of the books from the New York Times and USA today best-selling “How to Catch” series. Filled with colorful and vibrant illustrations, this book can engage children’s attention with ease.

The simple but clever story follows a crafty mermaid and our protagonists who want to catch her. It contains catchy rhymes which are fun to read, especially to kids whose enjoyment would be even more. Apart from that, the book is also great to build the vocabularies of the little ones.
The hardcover of the book, along with the quality pages also make sure that it will hold up in clumsy hands of the kids.The value for the price of the book is also very high, making this book a total catch.


3. Shifu Orboot (App Based)

Shifu Orboot (App Based)

If there is one common trait that every kid has, it would be curiosity. They have a hundred questions about everything around them, every object, every color, everything arouses their curiosity. And one of the best gifts to sate their budding will to know is this STEM toy.

This is an app based toy, the Orboot app being free on both iOS and Android. The 10” globe comes with a passport, stamps, country flag stickers, and a detailed, easy to follow guide.
Together the globe and the app can help kids ‘travel’ anywhere around the world. This is a fun and interactive way for the kids to learn Geography of the world, History of various places, and even the basics of Environmental sciences.

By the age of five, kids are starting to develop cognitive awareness. This globe is amazing to incite interest in them about various disciplines and give them a basic idea of the world, along with developing their linguistic skills and imagination.

Kids can explore more than 400 highlights and above 1000 facts about the world, the cultures of various regions, the monuments situated in different countries, the inventions made by individuals from around the globe, even the animals found in different places. It also shows the maps and weather for various nations.

This augmented reality based journey around the world is both educational and fun for kids making this one of the best gifts for 5 year old girls that would nurture their cognitive skills. It would help parents feel less guilty about their kids’ screen-time as well.


4. FoxPrint Princess Make Up Kit

FoxPrint Princess Make Up Kit

Parents, mostly mothers are often annoyed when kids play with their make-up. But it’s also really adorable, too adorable to stay angry with them. This make up kit gives a great solution to that problem, making it one of the best gifts for 5 yr old girl who loves making up.

Let’s get it out of the way that the contents of the kit are completely non-toxic and easily washable. So, it is not only perfectly safe for little girls, but the mess made by them, even on clothes or furniture can also be cleaned without fuss.

Put together in a pretty designer Princess cosmetic bag, the kit contains 3 lip glosses (one Princess glitter lip gloss and two other shades), a blush trio, 2 lipsticks (pink and red), 2 nail colors (red and blue), an eyebrow pencil, an eye-shadow palette containing 6 shades, and 3 different brushes.

Your little Princess will be delighted to find this as her first ever make-up kit. And play dates can be made even more fun. Some kids enjoy applying make-up on their dolls. With this little kit, dolls can be easily cleaned so that they can play with them again and again.


5. Atopdream Amusing Moon Star Projector Light 

Atopdream Amusing Moon Star Projector Light 

A starry sky awes everyone, adults and kids alike. Living in a busy city does not allow most of us to enjoy a sky full of stars. Neither can we go to the planetarium every now and then. Atopdream’s projector allows you to create a personal planetarium in your kid’s own room.

The projector has two modes- the starry sky and the night light. The projector being dome shaped, the starry sky can be projected onto the walls and ceiling of your room. There are multiple switches to customize your lights to your preference as well.

A lot of kids are afraid of sleeping in the dark (thanks to Goosebumps). As a solution, this projector also has a night light mode; it is noiseless and you can adjust the light intensity and colors. The lights are not bright enough to disturb a kid’s sleep, but bright enough to drive away the darkness. A good night’s sleep is something every child deserves, and this projector will make sure of it.

There is one other fun function that this product serves. Being a 360 degree rotating light, this multicolored star light projector is also an ideal party decoration. This can be one of the best gifts for 5 year old girls no matter if it’s her birthday or if it’s Christmas. Her eyes would light up too when she would see all the colorful stars in her room!


6. Light-Up Terrarium Kit 

Light-up Terrarium Kit 

With our increasing indulgence with technology, it has become a little essential to keep in touch with nature. However, Botanical science projects might not always be as interesting to kids. But with this “Terranium”, kids can both enjoy and learn a lot about plants and gardening.

Terranium, a STEM product is a miniature garden, contained in a jar that simulates a natural environment. The kit includes a jar, a jar lid that lights up, an easy to understand instruction booklet (including pictures) that will guide you step-by-step to set up the terranium, vermiculite soil, blue sand, river rocks, wheat-grass and chia seeds, a small bunny and mushroom miniatures along with removable stickers for decoration, a spray bottle, and a wooden stick to aid in planting the seeds.

The plants do grow by the day, but the jar glows by night. An innovative LED light is built-in beneath the lid, which lights up using a single button. Just click a switch to turn your terranium into a gorgeous illuminated tabletop garden that can quietly sit by the bedside of the kids. The kit is also provided with a micro-USB cable to recharge the battery for the light.

Kids will enjoy the process of layering the rocks, the blue sand and the soil; not to mention that placing the figurines and the stickers will make it even more fun for them. If you are looking for one of the best gifts for five year olds, that would be both educative and enjoyable, you have to look no further.

Watering the plants daily can help kids ease into routines, while learning to take care of things at the same time. It will also instill a love for nature in kids, which is becoming more and more essential for our world.


7. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper 

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper 

Kids are a powerhouse of chaotic energy. They are always running around and adults can hardly keep up with them. Outdoor activities are essential for their development, certainly. But we can make that both constructive and fun.

Pogo sticks are an ideal toy for kids to enjoy a physical activity. But Flybar’s pogo stick makes sure that kids have an optimal experience. Physical activities are linked to motor development and improved cognitive performance in kids. In addition to that, pogo sticks specifically enhance hand-eye coordination and balance.

Flybar’s pogo jumper is made out of durable foam with quality heavy duty components that can withstand all conditions. Each jump also makes a squeaky noise which adds to its charm as a toy for kids.
Parents are often worried about how much time kids spend on phones. With this pogo stick, kids will naturally want to spend more time bouncing around and having fun. It is a healthy activity for the kids and allows them to channel their energy well.

Being lightweight, the toy can be easily folded and put away after playtime. It can also be used indoors, in case going outdoors is not possible.Available in a variety of colors like blue, pink, green or designs featuring pandas, unicorns and more, you can choose one of the best gifts for a 5 year old girl to let her enjoy a healthy physical activity.


8. Selieve Toys for 3-12 Year Old Girls

Selieve Toys for 3-12 Year Old Girls

Pretend play is one of the key ways to develop creativity, language and social skills in kids. And pretend play with walkie talkies is extra fun.
These walkie talkies are beyond a simple toy, because they have a lot of other useful functions too. The sound quality is crisp and clear with a range of adjustable volume levels. It is also equipped with a high anti-interference function to reduce noise and enhance sound quality.

Ergonomically designed, these lightweight walkie talkies allow kids to carry them around comfortably, and the easy push-to-talk button makes sure that the kids can use the product without any complications. They can also be used to broadcast to multiple units instead of a single one.

Walkie talkies are handy for both outdoor and indoor activities. These have a range of 3 kilometers, (much more than most other walkie talkies for kids) making it very useful to monitor kids while summer camping or hiking, or even shopping. It also has a handy flashlight for emergencies.

Walkie talkies are not only a practical gift, but also a fun tool for children to further immerse themselves in their worlds of pretense. So go ahead and find one of the best gifts for 5 year old girl.


9. Doodle Board Drawing Board 

Doodle Board Drawing Board 

Doodling is a creative outlet that comes naturally to most kids. However, it is quite difficult for parents when the creative outlet is projected onto walls and furniture. Mycaron’s doodle board has an eco-friendly solution for that.

The doodle board is shaped in the form of a cute pink piggy cartoon which will instantly grab kids’ attention. Each doodle board comes with a set of two pens (kids do have a knack for losing things), so that parents can have one as a back-up in case the kids lose one. With two pens, kids can also play tic-tac-toe.

The handles on either side of this board allows the little ones to hold it conveniently.
The quality of the screen ensures that the kids’ eyes are protected. It is also paper tactile, giving an experience of drawing on actual paper while simultaneously saving trees.

The blue nose of the piggy acts as a clear button which will instantly clean the board with a simple tap.
Being made of high-strength ABS material, the board is durable and does not break easily. It is also very lightweight, and can be carried with ease while travelling.

Even before kids can master a language, drawing is a tool that helps them provide meaning to their experiences. This is the best gift for a five year old girl that can help her channel her imagination freely, while also learning to value the environment.


10. Magblock Magnetic Building Blocks

Magblock Magnetic Building Blocks STEM Educational Toys Tiles Set 

By the age of 5, building and constructing behaviors emerge in kids. Playing with building block toys allow kids to develop critical thinking, problem solving and spatial reasoning skills. Additionally, it is a fun bonding exercise between kids and adults.

Magblock’s magnetic building blocks are a STEM toy which can engage children for hours, and provide them with an opportunity to learn through the fun. It consists of 30 triangular, 45 square-shaped, 2 hexagonal, 2 wheel-shaped pieces and 24 castle cards, making a total of 103 magnetic tiles. With all the pieces in various shapes and colors, there are endless possibilities for children to build different designs, both 2D and 3D.

The simple instructional manual comes with pictures of numerous structures that can be made with the pieces, and easy to follow guidelines to build them. Following the guidelines, and learning to build various structures, can develop their coordination, dexterity and problem solving skills.

The building blocks being magnetic in nature, the structures do not fall apart as easily as those made of the regular blocks would. But the magnets are not so strong that kids would have to put a lot of effort in building with the pieces.

Made of non-toxic and durable ABS material, the entire set is completely safe for the kids, and extremely durable. Additionally, the round edged designs are not sharp at all and would not hurt their little hands while they are busy building.

Coming in a carrying case with a handle, the pieces can be put away easily after the kids are done with playing with them.

This educational STEM toy might be one of the best gifts for 5 year old girls, if you want to mix things up for the little girl’s birthday since she would already be receiving dolls, coloring books or make-up kits as gifts.


11. Dan&Darci Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

Dan&Darci Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

Speaking of STEM products, here is one that teaches kids about plants and flowers while also letting them hone their creativity.Dan & Darci’s Paint and Plant flower growing kit is a tin planter inside which kids can plant flowers such as Marigold, Cosmos and Zinnia. They can also paint the planter and the plant markers with the colors that are inclusive in the kit.

The entire kit consists of a tin planter, a plastic liner, soil, 3 seed packets of the flowers mentioned above, a 6-color paint strip, 2 paint brushes, a paint palette, 3 wooden plant markers, a tiny shovel that can fit in little hands, a watering bottle, and an instruction booklet.

The cute little booklet is pretty and catchy, and filled with instructions ranging from how to make different colors using combinations of others to how to plant your plants.
The great thing about this product is how it combines an educational experience with an arts and crafts project.

Often we have to choose between either, but this one has both. Kids can learn botany, and the life cycle of plants and flowers, and they can also channel their imagination through painting on the planter. An added bonus of the product is that little ones can also learn to take care of a living object at a very tender age.

In case you feel skeptical about how much kids can actually learn from this, the product has been evaluated by and has been authenticated to meet the highest standards of STEM education.
With children you reap what you sow.

Thus, if you do not feel traditional and want to gift something different from the regular gifts that five-year-old girls receive, this can be the best gift for 5 year old girl to incite her interest in art, craft and science at the same time.


12. Omzer Kids Camera 

Omzer Kids Camera 

A camera makes for a great gift for anyone. Kids often spend a lot of time using electronic devices, especially phones. However, if a kid receives a camera, it would significantly reduce her screen-time while allowing her the fun experience of capturing pictures.

OMZER’s camera for kids is compact so that it can be held comfortably by tiny hands. It has dual cameras, with a selfie mode. Both cameras are 8.0 mega pixels. It also comes with a 16 GB micro SD card, so that kids can click as many pictures as they want.

Unlike most other cameras designed for kids, this one comes with a variety of functions. Such as playback, increased self-timer, date setting, flashlight; the photo and video modes also have 8 scene selections and 4 shooting zooms.

There is also a specific mode where you can have frames, around the subject, shaped like dolphins, a heart, a monkey, a smiley face and many more.The functions are easy to learn, and with the manual that comes with the camera itself, kids can start using it right away.

The camera has an in-built 3.7V rechargeable, lithium battery, which recharges quickly, and lasts for a long while. Kids can spend hours at a stretch clicking pictures.The body of the camera is made of an eco-friendly and non-toxic soft silicone, instead of cheap plastic.

The shell is shock-proof and sturdy; even if the little ones drop this once in a while, this will last.The camera is not only compact but lightweight too. It also comes with a durable lanyard, which makes it portable. Girls can take the camera with them while travelling, hiking, camping, or even simply to the playground, with complete ease.

Capturing moments of our everyday life has become an essential part of our being. This camera can be one of the best gifts for 5 year old girl by letting her have a personal experience of capturing moments, people, and things she cherishes.


13. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets Scrub Tub Animal Toy Set

Painting is one of the most common ways for kids to be creative. However, if you feel like simple coloring books are too restrictive, this toy set is the way to go.The set includes 4 washable animal pet figures, 1 scrub tub, 1 scrub brush, 6 washable markers, and an instruction sheet.

Each figure is a miniature animal pet such as puppies and kitties. It would make the kids feel like drawings from coloring books have come alive, waiting to be painted.Kids can color and customize their miniature animal figures as they like, and wash them in the tub.

Then color again, as many times as they want to. Coloring the tiny figures can enhance their fine motor development. Not to mention, it can incite inspiration and love for arts and crafts in them at a very young age.

Another perk of this product is that the markers are non-toxic and washable. Even if the little ones get colors on clothing or painted walls, and of course on themselves it will come off easily.There is also an option to buy an additional set of two pets with the original product itself.

Different from other toys, this product combines both miniature dolls and coloring, and the bathtub adds the essence of playhouses to top it all off. All of these little quirks definitely make this toy set one of the best gifts for 5 year old girl, for any occasion, be it birthdays or Christmas.


14. FunzBo Snap Pop Beads 

FunzBo Snap Pop Beads 

As we have said before, around the age of four, constructive behaviors emerge in kids. With FunzBo’s snap pop beads little girls would never run out of combinations of beads to make jewelry which is a great fine motor exercise for five-year-olds.Consisting of a whopping 520 assortments of snap pop beads, kids can make as much jewelry as they want to.

There is also so much variety in the types of beads that they would never get bored. They can make all kinds of jewelry, headbands, necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets and so much more.The beads have a snap mechanism, which does not need any string to attach them.

Each two pieces can be simply snapped together. Besides, the beads are very well constructed with quality, non-toxic material and extremely durable. This makes for one of the best gifts for five year old girl because she can play with this for years.

The beads also have smooth surfaces that will take care of little hands.
The set also comes in a sturdy box with a handle where you can also store all the jewelry the kids make and the beads, after they are done playing.

If you are looking for a gift that would be fun for the kids and would sharpen their creativity at the same time, this colorful array of beads is the perfect choice. Little ones would be fascinated to receive this and can start playing and making jewelry right away.


15. Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

Every kid adores unicorns. They are magical and beautiful and kids would probably love to have one for a pet as well. Sadly, you cannot find unicorns in real life (who knows, though). But we found a set of bathrobes and slippers which feature unicorns, and can be one of the best gifts for 5 year old girls.

Doctor Unicorn’s bathrobes come in a huge array of colors and designs such as rainbow, galaxy, floral prints, butterfly prints, polka dotted and many more. Besides, the little unicorn horn, the pink hair, and the little ears on the hood of the robe would make the kids feel like unicorns themselves!

The slippers which are also like two mini unicorns, complete with all the features, only add to the charm.Since the robes are quite fancy, you might be worried about the quality. But, unlike the other synthetic fabrics, these robes are designed for kids’ comfort.

Made of high quality polyester they are incredibly soft and plush. In case you are additionally worried about losing the belt, it is attached to the robe itself. The robes are also usually true to size, but you can buy a little bigger one if you don’t want the kids to outgrow them easily.

It might be difficult to get kids to take a bath. These beautiful bathrobes along with the matching slippers will make sure that even that mundane task of the day will become fun and magical for the kids.
In a nutshell, this gift can any little girl feel like they are on the top of the world. We will especially emphasize that this can make one of the best christmas gifts for 5 year old girl. It will make the day even more magical for her.


16. Jewelkeeper Girl’s Musical Jewelry Storage Box 

Jewelkeeper Girl's Musical Jewelry Storage Box 

We know that kids are clumsy. One of the things we cannot really make them understand is perhaps the importance of cleanliness. However, a pretty little jewelry box might help that. Not just any jewelry box, but a musical one with a spinning unicorn inside. That can make organizing jewelry much more interesting and fun for a little girl.

This magical little jewelry box opens to a unicorn, spinning to the unicorn tune. It even comes with various other avatars, such as a ballerina, a mermaid, a superhero, and even two tiny owls (woodland); and in different colors too, like pink, blue and purple.

But our favorite pick is of course the party unicorn, which would undoubtedly be the best birthday gift for 5 year old girl.The box is made with pine fiber-board making it very durable and lasting. It has a stylish silver tone latch which is safe to use, and will not hurt tiny hands when they open or close the box.

The entire product has been tested rigorously for safety precautions. The inside of the box has a smooth and soft lining so that the jewelry kept in there would not get all scratched up. You can make sure that the little girl who receives this as a gift, and her trinkets are all safe.

Imagine any little five year old girl, waking up on Christmas morning and finding this spinning unicorn in a musical jewelry box under the tree. It would feel like a dream come true for sure, making this one of the best christmas gifts for 5 yr old girl. Little girls, who already have some unicorn decor, will also be fascinated to find this. The gift would fit right in with their other stuff.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There A Gift That Is Right For Every Five Year Old Girl?

There is no one specific gift that is ideal for a five year old girl. Kids are different with varied tastes and interests. However, you must consider the factors such as the ones we have mentioned earlier when buying the gift.

2. Which Gifts Are Safe For Five Year Olds?

You should always check for the details, and read the reviews of the product you want to buy for the kid. As for the list given above, we made sure that all of the items were safe.

3. Should I Get A Gift Card Instead Of A Gift For A Five Year Old?

You can. However, a thoughtful gift feels much more personal, and you simply have to go through the article to find one.

4. Will The Products Be Durable?

Usually, you would want to resort to the reviews of the product concerned to see how long they can last. In our selection, you will find that all the products are sturdy and durable.


Throughout this article we have tried to capture a variety of products which will appeal to five-year-old girls. We have aimed to consider all the essential factors that we have mentioned earlier in case of every item. You do not have to worry about the safety or comfort of the children, since we have already taken care of that.

So, you can go ahead and simply pick a product that you think will be the best gift for 5 year girl. And we hope no matter what the special occasion is, the little princess will be delighted with her gift.

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