Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys 2021: Reviews & Buying Guides

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1. Nerf N Strike 2. Klutz 3. Think Fun
Nerf N-Strike Best Gift For 7 Year Old Boy Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Rush Hour Traffic

It can be really overwhelming to choose the best gift for kids amidst the vast ocean of so many different toys available on the market.

However, kids nearing the age of seven are easier than most to find gifts for. At this age, you can speculate what are the kids’ interests and likes considering toys and that too about boys.

At this age, boys are open to new ideas, new technology toys and equipment. They are not too young to find easy and simple gifts for; that they won’t play with after 2-3 years, nor are they too old to buy everything branded and designer for.

However, some kids seem to be developing their taste in toys as well as other things, so it can be a little hard. But finding the best gift for 7 year old boy can be fun as well.

All types of toys are available on the market nowadays, whether they are educational or technical.

Some boys at this age may like educational games like crossword puzzles, LEGO sets and such, while some may be budding tech enthusiasts who may be more into remote controlled toys and equipment.

So if you are looking for the best gifts for 7 year old boys and are having a tough time choosing one, don’t you worry. We have prepared a list of some amazing gifts that would be perfect for 7 year old boys.

Top 20 Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys 2021

1. Nerf N-Strike Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Best Gifts For 7 Year Old BoyIf your son is dreaming to be the next the next superhero to save the planet, he will be needing a weapon to fight the ambassadors of evil. A Nerf gun may prove to be the best gift he has ever had. This is why it is on top of this list.

This is a light, revolver-style toy gun that works with N-Strike or Elite Darts. The Strongarm Blaster holds six Elite darts and fires them up to 90 feet. The Slam Fire slide allows the kids to rapid fire all the included Elite darts.

This gun has tremendous range as mentioned above. It does not jam and is highly accurate with third-party darts. It is pretty easy to load and shoot- when you pull the trigger, the dart is already in the chamber and is ready to go.

The improved rotating cylinder mechanism allows this gun to keep up with rapid-fire without jamming. Thus allowing a smooth playing experience.

This gun features a tactical rail and 2 strap joints if kids want to sling it rather than holster it. This Nerf gun looks chunky and heavy but isn’t.

As much fun as it is to play with this gun, this gun is also quite affordable. So you don’t have to worry about the budget, and your kid will love it.


2. Klutz Lego Chain Reactions

Klutz Lego Chain ReactionsThe LEGO are one of the most popular educational kits for kids and have been around for quite a while.

This kit includes an 80-page instruction book, 33 LEGO pieces, instruction for 10 chain reaction machines ranging in difficulty from easy to advanced, 6 plastic balls, string, paper ramps and other components for building creative models.

The instructional book gives clear instructions that help the kids in building creative models. Each and every project in the book has step-by-step clear directions to build the component parts.

It teaches science in a fun way because the book includes an explanation of the science behind how and why these machines work.

Kids can even make some models of their own. This not only enhances their creativity and imagination, but also improves the hand-eye coordination.

The book that is included in the kit breathes a new life into the LEGO bricks. This LEGO kit by Klutz is an ideal gift for kids who have the curiosity about knowing the science behind how and why machines work. This may prove to be one of the best gifts for 7 year old boys.


3. Rush Hour Traffic

Rush Hour TrafficThis brain and logic sliding block game is quite popular amongst kids. This is a classic traffic jam logic game and one of the most popular STEM toys. It comes with multi-level challenges.

Kids slide the blocking cars and trucks out of their way on the board until their path is clear. Playing through the challenges not only develop the critical planning and reasoning skills, but also provide a great stealth learning experience for young players.

This is why it is one of the most popular and best gifts for a 7 year old boy. However, this game is not only for boys. This sliding block game challenges beginners and experts alike.

This kit includes one traffic grid, one red car, four blocking trucks, eleven blocking cars, a game-go bag and a booklet with 40 challenges and their solutions.

This logic game requires the kids’ brainpower and they have to battle the gridlock as he slides the blocking vehicles out of the way for the red car to exit.

If you are thinking of gifting something to your son on his birthday, this logic game may prove to be the best birthday gift for a 7 year old boy.


4. Kidzlane Laser Tag

Kidzlane Laser TagIf your kid is into action movies and games, this might be one of the best gift choices for him. This top notch quality laser gun is available in four different colors – red, green, blue and white.

This laser blaster lights up and vibrates while shooting as far as 130 feet. Each gun mode comes with a different range of life bars, booming sounds and available shots that will blow your kids’ mind.

This toy gun with a Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission (that is less than 1 mW) is certified safe for kids of all ages. So you don’t have to worry about your kids’ safety against infrared signal emission from this gun.

The kids can select any of the four gun settings – pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and rocket, and pulverize their enemy.

The ultra-realistic shooting sounds of this toy laser gun accompany each gun setting for a riveting game and keep the kids engaged for hours.

If you are thinking about gifting your son something on Christmas or his birthday, this might be one of the best options.


5. KidKraft Ride Around Train

KidKraft Ride Around TrainThis colorfully illustrated train set is perfect for young conductors that will love to play with this 100-piece ride around town train set and table. This train set allows kids to explore a whole new world without actually leaving their houses.

The long, winding track takes vehicles under a bridge, over the water, through a construction area next to the airport and back again.This drive-through construction area with a moving crane can lift and lower cargo.

There is also a deluxe airport with helicopter runaway, control tower and airplane. There are multi-level bridges and additional accessories including smiling townspeople, street signs, cars, trees and animals.

It is a whole new real-world environment on this train set table with highly detailed melamine-coated figures like lakes, trees, smiling townspeople, etc. They are hand painted.

This train set and table is made of composite wood materials and molded plastic. The table also includes two storage bins made out of plastic. The track pieces are easy to connect.

Kids can piece the different components together and create a new track from scratch, different from the one explained in the instructional layout. It can be a figure 8 design or just a long series of twists and turns.

The table is 49 inches long and 34 inches wide and 16 inches high. It raises the playtime off the floor. The bins allow the kids to be more organized by putting the pieces in the bin instead of littering all around the room.

Earning more than five hundred 4.5 star ratings and great reviews, this amazing train set is quite affordable. It is one of the toughest competitors on this list for the best gifts for 7 year old boy.


6. Bigacc 10ft Trampoline

Bigacc 10ft TrampolineWith a frame made out of stainless steel, this trampoline is a great fitness equipment for kids. This trampoline is wrapped in 60 high-tension steel springs, providing extremely strong elasticity.

The safety protection combination – a safety fence made out of high-strength nylon, is around the trampoline. This safety fence combines with steel pipe and connects the fence with spring cover.

The frame of this trampoline is made of galvanized stainless steel. The frame is durable and very strong and can easily handle weights of kids of 3-10 years of age.

The weight limit is 330 lbs. The T section can connect each top rail safely. The trampoline has three U-shaped solid feet.

The heavy-duty PP jumping mat is perfectly stitched and all springs and top rails are designed for fixing the whole trampoline. It offers kids a secure feeling while jumping on it.

This trampoline can be used not only for fun but also as a fitness equipment for kids. However, it is a little expensive.


7. 52Pcs Deluxe Wooden Train Set

52Pcs Deluxe Wooden Train SetThis wooden train set by Orbrium features three destinations – a long 8 inches bridge, train station and railroad crossing. This complete 52 pieces train set includes premium wooden tracks, engine, passenger coach, hopper car, automobiles, buildings, and much more.

The scenic background is for real-life illustration purposes, it is not a part of the set. This is a very engaging gift for kids.

Kids can maneuver the engine up and under the bridge, pick up passengers at the train station, stop at the railroad crossing and carry out many such real-world scenarios.

The village tunnel can be flipped over to make it a storage box that kids can use to put the rail tracks and other pieces in.

The wood used for this train set is beautifully crafted and is very durable. The set includes nine different layout plans and kids can use their creative minds to innovate some new layouts of their own.

This solid train set might become the best gift your kid has ever received.


8. OmWay Kids Camera

OmWay Kids CameraApart from two color options, this kids’ camera comes with a unique camouflage design that attracts kids a lot.

This is a dual lens camera that supports 8 MP photography and 1080p videography. Children can easily take clear and sharp images and record their precious moments.

This kids camera features a protective shockproof silicone case that makes it quite durable. This protective case is quite essential considering kids tend to drop toys and damage them. It also features various photography modes such as auto-smile, customised fun frames, self-timer, etc.

The lightweight lanyard design makes this camera easily portable. This easy-to-use kids camera comes with 32gb SD card and a USB cable for charging the camera.

If you have a budding photographer in your family, this might be one of the best gifts for him.


9. Klutz Lego Gadgets Activity Kit

Klutz Lego Gadgets Activity KitThe whole kit includes 58 LEGO elements including plates, pegs, gear wheels, cross axles, and more with which kids can build eleven different machines ranging from practical to silly.

Apart from the LEGO elements, the package also includes six pages of papercraft and an extremely clear and helpful instruction booklet.

The 78 page instruction booklet gives step-by-step clear instructions provided with bright and colorful images alongside.

Some open-ended prompts and challenges are also provided in this booklet that can help the kids create something new with their imaginations and creative young minds.

Kids can build 11 of the following machines: The Claw, Classic Catapult, Spin-o-Vision, Ghost Guzzler, Mix Master 3000, Flywheel Cruiser and many more.

This LEGO set by Klutz is one of the best christmas gifts for 7 year old boy and that too in an affordable price range.


10. Tencoz Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Tencoz Wireless Karaoke MicrophoneIf you have a budding singer in your family, this wireless karaoke microphone is the best gift for your kid. You can share it with your kids and have great karaoke sessions with them.

The bluetooth karaoke microphone delivers clear sound with great echo reverberations. The kids will not experience any hissing, distortion, or static noise in between your karaoke session.

This wireless karaoke microphone comes with features sensitive microphone. All you have to do is turn it on and adjust the echo and volume and it’ll allow your kids to have the ultimate karaoke sessions.

This bluetooth karaoke microphone features loudspeaker cavity structure to deliver loud and clear sound. It can also record songs when bluetooth is connected or the kids can also use the audio cable to record their voice.

This wireless karaoke microphone is small in size, lightweight and easy to hold, hence ideal for kids. It is perfect for KTV singing, birthday parties where your kids can sing their favourite songs along with their friends, travel singing, and creating a true karaoke atmosphere.

This microphone also features six different LED lights that will flicker along with the music rhythm, perfect for kids parties.

The built-in speaker can be used as a standard bluetooth speaker and kids can play music out of it. The cherry on the cake is that this wireless karaoke microphone is quite affordable.

So if you want your kid to feel like a party king and a singing sensation, this wireless karaoke microphone is just about perfect.


11. GearRoot 6CH RC Excavator 

GearRoot 6CH RC Excavator Available in three different sizes, this remote control excavator can be a perfect gift for your 7 year old boy.

This fully functional equipped remote control excavator by GearRoot can really dig with lights and sounds and can move forward, backward, left and right. The Cab turns right or left doing a full 360 degrees rotation manually.

This remote control excavator looks very realistic. It is a realistic replica of a construction tractor on a 1:30 scale with rubber track tiers.

The bucket and top cover are made out of metallic alloy, stronger than any other toy excavator. One thing that you should remind your kids is that this toy is not something to be played with on a blanket or furry surface.

This excavator tractor comes with a sensitive remote control that enables the kids to control the tractor within 50 feet freely.

The toy tractor is made of high quality ABS plastic that is non-toxic and environmental. Hence safe for kids to play with. This excavator tractor is an ideal gift for boys who love remote control cars and tractors, construction vehicles, etc.

This toy tractor includes an 800 mAh rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable, while its remote control requires two AA batteries.

So always keep backup batteries. The size of this toy excavator tractor is about the size of an adult’s palm. Hence, it is quite handy and portable.

This might prove to be one of the best gifts for a 7 year old boy if he loves remote control cars and tractors and other remote control toys.


12. Lydaz True Walkie Talkies

Lydaz True Walkie TalkiesAvailable in two colors, blue and cyan, these walkie talkies by Lydaz have exquisite exterior design and an ingenious interior structure.

It has lesser number of buttons as compared to other brands’ walkie talkies, hence easy for kids to operate. It features a large LCD backlit and powerful speakers for crystal clear sound.

The IPX4 waterproof design and antioxidant anti-corrosive gold plating PCBA allow these walkie talkies to work in extreme humid or cold conditions.

The transmitting range of these walkie talkies is up to 3 miles and the microphones are highly sensitive. These walkie talkies are small in size, hence ideal for kids of 3-12 years of age.

Made out of hard plastic, this walkie talkie set is quite durable. It can work in many extreme conditions and hence is ideal for hiking trips as well as snow activities.

It also has a battery saving function. These walkie talkies come with a user manual so that the kids can operate it easily without any glitches.

The rubber ring around the battery cover stops water from damaging the batteries. The mic is also covered with a waterproof membrane.

It also features a flashlight which is a bonus. The VOX-Vice activated function is for easy talking. BPA-Free silicone exterior provides slip resistance.


13. Lofee Hover Soccer Ball Set

Lofee Hover Soccer Ball SetThe hover ball of this soccer ball set can glide over any smooth surface and is very suitable for indoor sports.

If you are not confident in sending your little ones outdoors for a rigorous sport like soccer until he gets old enough for it, this soccer ball set is the perfect gift for him.

All kids have to do is place the hover ball on the ground and give it a little kick. The hover ball rebounds when contacted with obstacles.

With two goals, it is like building a mini soccer field for your little one at home. The ball features a powerful red LED light and hence can be played with in dark too.

It requires four 1.5 volt AA batteries. The hover ball of this soccer ball set is made of non-toxic plastic. It features a foam edging and does not hurt your kids’ foot.

The foam edging also prevents the walls and furniture from being damaged in case the ball hits them. Hence this soccer ball set is quite safe to play with and not to mention- fun.

This soccer ball set is one of the best gifts for 7 year old boys if they are budding sports enthusiasts.


14. Play22 Fishing Pole

Play22 Fishing PoleIf you and your kids love to go for outings by the lake, this is the best gift one can think of.

This kids’ fishing pole and tackle box includes fishing reels, 65 inches long fishing pole, spin cast reel combos, minnow net and carry case.

The fishing pole folds to 14 inches and is easy to carry when folded. This fishing rod is specifically made for children and hence is quite lightweight despite its length. Its handle offers comfortable grip so that kids can easily hold the rod.

The telescopic fishing rod is equipped with spincast reel. An easy-to-use bait net is provided with the fishing rod.

This kids Fishing Pole includes fishing tackle, fishing gear, fishing lures, and a carry bag. The fishing lure tackle includes green and red soft lures, bobbers, bobber stoppers, dual alert bell, jig heads, and much more.

This is a wholesome fishing kit for kids who love outings by the lakes. This is the best gift for 7 year old boys who love fishing.


15. Pussan RC Car

Pussan RC CarThis is an amphibious remote control car by Pussan and is available in three different colors – red, green and blue. This means that it not only a land racer car but can also surf on water.

Its precise sealed design makes it water and weather proof to conquer any extreme condition. This is the perfect gift for a 7 year old boy if he is into remote control cars and racing.

The four wheel gear allows it to do 180 degrees flipping and 360 degrees rotation. It is quite flexible. This racer car is made of high-quality ABS and non-toxic PVC materials and is very durable.

Its super shockproof body makes it a perfect toy for kids who love to play outdoors. Its shockproof body also prevents damaging of the interior parts.

This RC car comes with rechargeable battery so the kids don’t have to carry extra batteries with the. All they have to do is charge the car’s battery long enough and enjoy its long lasting run time.


16. Aouker Water Blaster Gun

Aouker Water Blaster GunIf you are looking for safe and fun water play games for warm, sunny days for your son, this water toy gun by Aouker may prove to be your best option. With a soft foam body, it features two non-slip plastic handles that provide excellent grip.

Due to its foam and plastic structure, this water toy gun is very lightweight and portable. This water gun is 12.6 inches long and weighs 0.29 lb and hence is perfect to be taken on vacations, picnics, camping, beach, etc.

These guns even float in water. They are easy to operate. All kids have to do is pull up the water with the handle, aim and then squirt. These superb water toy guns shoot water about 25-30 feet away and the kids will be absolutely satisfied with destroying their targets.

The interior of this water toy gun is made up of high-grade ABS plastic materials and hence ensure durability. Available in an affordable price range, this is one of the toughest competitors on this list for the best gift for a 7 year old boy.


17. Best Choice Products RC Police Truck

Best Choice Products RC Police TruckThis easy to control remote control police truck is a very popular kids’ toy. The 2.4 GHz technology remote control provides long range and lets the kids race up to 6 cars in the area at once, without interference.

This RC truck races at a maximum speed of 7.4 miles per hour and hence ramps up your kids’ playtime.

The non-slip rubber wheels and a tight turning radius offer quick responses as received from the controller. The non-slip tiers also allow easy maneuvering.

The police car sound effects attract the kids a lot and the bright headlights allows the kids to have an enjoyable playtime. The looks of this police truck are quite realistic and hence, it is very popular amongst young boys.

This remote control truck features a rechargeable battery. A USB cable is provided with the truck for charging and thus saves you the headache of keeping spare batteries and changing them when needed.

The overall look and design of this remote control police truck is very attractive and quite realistic.


18. Fashion Kids 3D Projection Watch

Fashion Kids 3D Projection WatchAvailable in three attractive types- hello kitty, ironman and minions, this is a unique watch for kids. This fashion design calculator watch has a compact size and charming look.

This unique wristwatch features electronic digital movement LED display. Each of the three types of this 3D projection wrist watch displays unique vibrant pictures related to their respective like the one with Iron Man themes displays pictures of Iron Man and the Avengers.

This unique and fun wrist watch is waterproof, and shock resistant. It features an alarm clock, stopwatch and also displays week and date. This watch also features back lighting and luminous pointer.

This wrist watch allows both 12 hour as well as 24 hour time function. It gives out an hourly chime too. Your son can pair this amazing projection watch with any outfit. This wrist watch is one of the most unique and best gifts for a 7 year old boy.


19. Mogoi Robot Toys

Mogoi Robot ToysThis is a voice and gesture controlled robot toy for kids by MOGOI. This little kids robots responds to voice commands and gestures so that kids can interact with the robot better. This not only increases the fun but also enhances the kids’ interactive skills.

This cute little robot can respond to gesture inductions to move forward/backward or left/right.

This robot has many unique and fun features such as touching the right side of this robot’s waist makes it laugh and touching the left side of its waist automatically demonstrates the action and plays dynamic music.

This little robots brings more enjoyment to its interaction with kids by singing and dancing.

This robot also features a recording mode. All kids have to do is long press the front button. Kids can take an 8 seconds recording each time. In total, only three recording can be made.

The fun doesn’t end here. This Mogoi kids toy robot can also change its facial expressions when instructed. Isn’t it cool?!

This is the most unique toy for kids on this list and is also affordable. This little robot will surely prove to be the best gift for a 7 yr old boy.


20. Casa 100% Cotton Bedding Set

Casa 100% Cotton Bedding SetFull of vibrant and attractive colors, this bedding set for kids is made of 100% cotton. Two pillowcases are also included with the bedsheet. The bedsheet is available in three different sizes.

The upscale invisible zipper design will not hurt the child’s skin and is quite comfortable. However, this bedding set does not include a comforter. The zipper is on the side of the duvet cover. So, you can insert your own comforter easily.

The bedsheet as well as the pillowcases have pictures of Lightning McQueen, a character from the animated Pixar movie Cars, printed on them. If your son loves animated movies, especially the movie Cars, then this bedding set would be one of the best gifts for him.

However, this bedding set is a lot more expensive than any other product on this list.


Happy shopping!

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