Best Gifts For 5 Years Old Boys 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. VTech Smartwatch 2. Flybar 3. WisToyz Soccer
VTech Smartwatch Best Gift For 5 Year Old Boy Flybar Foam Pogo Stick Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set By WisToyz

The best gift for 5 year old boy isn’t much of a hassle. All we need to do is make sure that the gift or toy we are buying fulfills the kind of development our child needs.

It is obviously not every child is born the same, but there are some general standards that every child must attain by the time he turns 5.

A child, after turning 5, begins communicating effectively and also starts to understand his surroundings better.

A 5 year old must be bought something that involves group play and sort of competitive in nature. Toys with simplified instructions are understandable by 5 year old boys and would enjoy simple strategic games for one.


At this age, it is important to prioritize the development of their motor skills. Games and toys such as bikes, sports gear, balls or climbing frames are good options for the development of evident motor skills.

Factors To Be Kept In Mind When Buying Best Gift For 5 Year Old Boys

While looking out for toys and gifts for your young boy or girl, you must think of giving something that the child would enjoy spending time with and, at the same time, develop their personal traits.

So here we present you with some of the key strands that a parent must keep in their mind before making the purchase.

1. Safety

The topmost priority before making a purchase is to make sure that the toy being bought is safe. Every gift or toy is clearly prescribed with the appropriate age group it is meant for. One must follow the given instructions to avoid any danger.

2. Value

One may select the appropriate gift based on the popularity, educational value, or varied play options. At this age, boys do have a good understanding of how to play by the rules and also aren’t frightened of trying out new and exciting things.

3. Social Development

The kids at this age love playing with other kids while some also like playing solo. They may enjoy playing outdoors but need some sort of motivation going out and playing.

There are a variety of options available for children of all sorts. Though it is recommended to encourage your child to play with kids in the neighborhood to develop their acceptance of having new faces around.

4. Nature

Your child’s temperament, behaviour, and habits also play a key role in deciding what kind of a gift to look out for.

Even kids who seem smarter or advanced compared to other kids of the same age shouldn’t be gifted something meant for older kids. There are various precautions before deciding what age group the toy is appropriate for, maturity or intelligence isn’t one of them.

5. Physical Movement

Some kids prefer playing with their toys in one confined spot in their homes while others loiter around jumping, rolling, and climbing anything that catches their eye.

If a child seems to be too lazy to move around one must provide him something that makes him do a physical activity while enjoying it.

It is therefore important to look for gifts that serve purposeful for the child and not just be any gift.

Top 25 Best Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys Of 2021

1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

VTech Smartwatch Best Gifts For 5 Year Old BoyThe VTech Kidizoom smartwatch DX is a smartwatch for kids, consist of fun games and activities. It is the second generation of smartwatches and best for the age group of 4 to 12.

This watch allows kids to take pictures, videos, play games and digital and analog display. It is available in six different colors with repair guides.

With the help of Micro USB port, kids can easily upload photos, videos, as well as recharge the battery. It is the perfect birthday gift for 5 years old boy from his parents.


The VTech Kidizoom smartwatch is a touch screen watch specifically designed for the kids and has extraordinary features. More than fifty 3D analog and digital displays can teach the kids how to tell the time.

It is a very durable watch and very easy to take photographs and videos. This watch is not only for fun, but some features are really helpful for kids like calculator, timer and stopwatch and alarm.

In addition, fun photo effects, frames and filter make the pictures more innovative for the kids.


  • Touch Screen
  • Rechargeable
  • Voice recorder
  • Sweatproof


  • No GPS
  • Only splash-proof
  • No Bluetooth

2. Flybar Foam Pogo Stick

Flybar Foam Pogo StickFlybar foam pogo stick is a kid’s toy for jumping and bouncing fun. It keeps the kids healthy while having fun. It is an appealing gift for 5 years old boy.

This is an ideal foam jumper for the kids and designed for the ages of 3 to toddlers. It is available in 5 different colors and designs as well as suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun.


There is a variety of features in the Flybar foam pogo stick. Flybar is foam coated jumping stick especially crafted from durable foam.

Squeaky sound with each jump particularly designed to delight the kids. It helps the kids to stay healthy and active, improve balance and enhance motor skills. A stretchy bungee spring is suitable for jumping to jump high.

Moreover, it builds the physical power of kids and helps to train balance and motor skills. As well as, it improves the balance in every jump. It has soft and comfortable grips, durable foam holds up to 250lbs, easily adjustable and scratches less on the floor while jumping.


  • Durable foam
  • Improve balance
  • Enhance motor skills
  • Easily adjustable


  • Make noise
  • Limited weight
  • Stiffed spring

3. Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set By WisToyz

Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set By WisToyzThe WisToyz hover soccer ball is soccer, which is particularly designed for Indoor soccer with LED light and foam bumper including inflatable ball.

It is a new conception soccer toy for your kids and an amazing gift for your 5 years old boy. Moreover, 2 goals are attached to it so you can build a soccer or hockey field inside the house, or any other games you can make with it.

The multi-color great light looks very attractive in the dark and kids really attract them.


The WisToyz hover soccer ball is full of amazing features. This set contains one ball and two goals which is the best time killer for your kids. Kids can play to staying at home and can enjoy multiple games with the help of hover soccer ball.

Furthermore, its Led Light brightens the room and kids really entertained and attracted by these. Hovering soccer ball has specifically designed with foam bumper, which is fully safe and perfect to play inside the home. In addition, the quality foam of the bumper gives protection against hitting the ball on the wall.


  • Indoor game
  • Develop team skills
  • Safe


  • High pitch
  • Need sufficient space
  • A bit expensive

4. Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy Racing Car

Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy Racing CarThe think Gizmos take apart toy racing car is a construction toy kit in which included all parts of the car. The main purpose of this toy is that kids can make their own cars according to their wishes.

They can build their own version with the help of ThinkGizmos toy tool kit. This is for the ages of 3 to 7 and best Christmas gift for 5 years old boy that is passionate about cars.


This think Gizmos take apart toy racing car is filled with fun, including the box with tools, even batteries, engine battery, toy drill battery, and 30 more parts.

When the engine starts off the car, it gives the realistic sound and lights which the main attractive part for your kid. Kids not only play with it, even they can learn cognitive and motor skills while playing.

Moreover, the kit STEM car is made from strong and safe PLASTIC which is safe for the kids. This is one of the most fun construction toys. Furthermore, the user manual is available in many languages like (English, French, Italian).


  • Realistic light and sound
  • Learn and play
  • Plastic is safe


  • Battery drain
  • Quite difficult to build
  • Expensive

5. Eti Toys Stem Learning

Eti Toys Stem LearningETI Toys STEM learning basically a set of construction engineering building blocks included 101 original pieces. It is specifically designed for the ages of 3 to 6 and the best gift for your new school going 5 years old baby boy.

Playing with mobile games and video games, this set of blocks more productive for your kids. It builds the spatial and social knowledge of your kids. It has made with non exotic material.


This product has many features. Firstly, STEM support engineering blocks which provide awareness regarding science and technology, and enhance engineering and math skills. Secondly, safety paramount is always the first priority while designing these blocks. This product DEVELOPS the skills of teamwork and collaboration in kids.

The 101 pieces of blocks give the ideas to build creative designs of trucks, transformers, helicopters, robots, and much more.

Moreover, a step by step is also provided with a set in which 12 toy’s designs have been mentioned. It is a more productive activity for your kids because it is a dual-purpose, like creating and building. Three levels are available in it like easy, intermediate and advanced levels.


  • More productive
  • Build social skills
  • Safety paramount


  • Colors are slightly off
  • Only a few pieces for screw
  • A bit expensive

6. Acechum Kid and Boy Toys

Acechum Kid and Boy ToysAcechum is a hand-controlled flying ball for children. It flies like a helicopter and has 360° rotating and shining LED lights. It is an interactive toy for kids, and kids love it.

You just have to toss it up in the air and this drone will fly smoothly. This is an amazing toy for kids as it is very simple to use and is entertaining. Your kids will love it after trying the toy for the first time.

The flying ball can detect obstructions in its way and will change its direction when sees one. You can test this by putting your hand in front of the ball. However, the ball needs an unobstructed space to fly efficiently, so don’t put obstructions repeatedly.

The ball is a chargeable product. It needs one hour of charging to fly for around 7 to 8 minutes constantly. It is suitable for kids of 5 years of age and above. It is one of the best Christmas gifts for 5 year old boy.


Hovering and 360° rotating: The ball contains four power motors. They provide it to the power to rotate 360° and fly high.

Rechargeable LED Lights Ball: The ball contains blue and green light. They help it to fly at two different speeds. The blue ball releases bright shine and colorful light while flying. It is a chargeable product and needs only one hour of charging.

Strong Body: The ball is made of high quality and non-toxic plastic. It is very flexible and sturdy. It will resist any kind of damage even after falling.

Wave to Control: The ball will move in the opposite direction if you place any obstruction in its way. You can put your hand on its way to check this.


  • Rechargeable
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Interactive


  • Less productivity
  • Addictive

7. Omzer Kids Camera Toys

Omzer Kids Camera ToysOmzer is a digital camera for kids between 5 to 9 years of age. It has a beautiful appearance, a 2 inch LCD display, eco-friendly softcover, an HD quality with 8.0 megapixels and 1080p HD video.

With this camera, kids can enjoy a lot and have a lot of fun capturing pictures. It is a great toy for kids who go outside for traveling.

The camera can bring out the creativity and imagination of children. They can develop amazing photography and other skills with this. Kids can record their life and daily activities with this to create beautiful memories.


Dual camera: The product has dual cameras. Kids can take selfies too with this. Front and rear cameras are both 8.0 pixels. It produces good quality images.

Multiple functions: This new-gen kids camera has a lot more functions to offer. It offers original photos, video recording, date setting, flashlight, playback, and increased self-timer for kids. Around 8 scene selections have also been introduced in the picture and video mode.

Safe Silicone material: The camera is made up of safe and eco-friendly silicone material. It is non-toxic and has a protective shockproof shell. It is a durable product and is safe for children.

Compact: The small size of the camera makes it easy to carry it anywhere. Children can hang this mini camera around their neck while traveling to capture the beautiful scenes of nature.


  • Eco friendly cover
  • Automatic smile shooting
  • HD quality
  • Easy to use


  • Runs on battery only
  • Fewer storage spaces

8. Stem Learning Toys By IQ Builder

Stem Learning Toys By IQ BuilderIQ Builder is a creative construction toy for children. It is fun and educational at the same time. It is specially designed to provide productive learning to children while they play.

Children can spend their hours productively on this toy, and they will get a brain push every time. It enhances motor skills and promotes coordination, logical, and problem-solving abilities in children.

The product is suitable for children between 3 to 10 age group. It is one of the best gifts for a 5 year old boy or girl to surprise him/her during Christmas, birthdays or any other event.


Educational Tool: IQ Builder is a unique set of educational toys for children. It promotes stem learning so that children can develop skills in Science, Technology, and Maths at an early age. It makes the brain muscles of kids flexible and promotes their development in critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning.

Safe to Use: It is a safe product to be used by kids. The product is verified and is developed, keeping in mind all the safety guidelines.

Easy to Clean: It is washable product. You can clean it with soap and water whenever it develops dirt. This way, you can avoid bacteria and germs that develop on the toys of children from time to time.


  • Educational
  • Safe to use
  • Toy storage box
  • Decorative
  • Easy wash


  • Breakable

9. Foam Bow & Arrow Archery Set By Marky Sparky

Foam Bow & Arrow Archery Set By Marky SparkyMarky Sparky is a bow and arrow archery set. Its package contains 6 colorful and high-performance arrows. It is a wonderful game for both boys and girls.

Children have to aim for their target and then fire. The arrows will fly at high speed. It can go over 100 feet distance if aimed hard.

It is a great activity for children to have some fun playing outside their homes. However, the game can be played indoors as well. If you are looking for a Christmas or birthday gift for your child, then this bow and arrow game is the best 5 year old boy gifts.


Convenient design: The bow can hold 6 arrows as it has a removable launch tube. The tube is used to store things while traveling. Also, the product is developed in such a way that its arrows release with amazing speed.

Durable: It is a durable product and can be used for years. It is lightweight and easy to carry to places.

Fun for all: Marky Sparky is a great alternative to the regular bow and arrow. Boys and girls would love to play archery with this. To use it, you have to put the arrow in the bow, pull back, and check your arrow going to high distances at amazing speed.


  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Safe to use
  • Convenient design
  • Fun Game


  • Limited arrows
  • Breakable

10. Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet By Crayola

Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet By CrayolaCrayola is a light board and drawing tablet. It is meant for kids above 6 years of age. It helps the kids to develop creativity in combination with lights. Kids can draw different types of things on the board in a big and bold way.

Just do your artwork on the board and light it up to see your design shining. The bright LED lights fixed inside the board make the drawings glow.

After use, you can wipe the screen to clean it and make space for the new design. It is a perfect birthday or Christmas present for children who are interested in artwork and drawing.

Girls who want to make their creations shine will find this product very useful. You can buy this product to surprise your kids and improve their creativity.


Washable markers: The package of Crayola contains six small and washable gel markers. You can use these markers to draw some amazing designs on the board and light them up.

Storage space: It contains built-in storage space for keeping stuff. It allows you to keep things organized so that things don’t get misplaced.


  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Storage space
  • Easy clean


  • Operates on Batteries only
  • Removable back panel

11. Outdoor Rocket Toy Gift By Stomp Rocket

Outdoor Rocket Toy Gift By Stomp RocketStomp Rockets are stunt planes created for children above 5 years of age. The children have to run, jump, and stomp to launch these planes in the air.

The planes encourage kids to go outside their homes and become active. It runs on human power only and not on any batteries. The product is the best family entertainment tool.

The package includes 3 different varieties of planes that have been designed by aeronautical engineers. The planes can do amazing stunts. If you are looking for a nice present for your kids this Christmas, then it is one of the Best gifts 5 year old boy.


Variety of Planes: The package includes three different varieties of the plane looper, glider, and wildcat. They can do different types of stunts to amaze children.

Run, Jump, Stomp: Kids have to run, jump, and stomp to fly the plane in the air. It is powered by users only and doesn’t operate on batteries.

Adjustable: You can adjust the angle of its flight with its launch stand. Change the direction and way of flying the plane as per your choice.


  • Adjustable
  • No Batteries required
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Easy to use
  • Human-powered


  • Prone to damage easily
  • Less durable

12. Kids Walkie Talkies By Fayogoo

Kids Walkie Talkies By FayogooFayogoo is a walkie talkie created for children. It is an amazing communication toy for kids. Kids can talk with their neighbors and have fun using the walkie talkie.

It is a great toy for kids to make them happy on their birthdays, festivals, and holidays. The product helps your children to improve their communication skills and engages them in a playful activity.

It contains a USB port for charging. No batteries are required to use this product; only charging needs to be done from time to time.

You can carry a power bank with you and charge the walkie talkies anytime and anywhere. It is a perfect gift to take along with on adventures and outdoor trips.


Structure: It is a small and simple product. Anyone can use it. It has a compact body, beautiful design, and a simple button. The button has to be pressed to start communicating with someone. It is a perfect tool for kids between 3 to 12 years of age.

Durability: The mini walkie talkie is developed with environment-friendly material. So, it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment or to kids who use this product.

Flashlight: It has an inbuilt flashlight, earpiece connection, power saving mode, battery indicator, 10 ring tones, auto scan, etc.


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Improves communication


  • Little complex for kids

13. Walkie Talkies For Kids By Selieve

Walkie Talkies For Kids By SelieveSelieve is a walkie talkie toy for kids between the age group of 3 to 12 years of age. The walkie talkie has a call alert feature and a smooth sound quality.

The volume is adjustable. It is a great toy for outdoor activities such as camping, shopping, spring outing, etc. It has a small body and is lightweight so that children can carry it easily.

It weighs only 90g. It has a push to talk button and a reliable alarm system. The product allows you to monitor your children in real-time. It is a reliable product and is safe for children. Try this for your kids and have an amazing interaction with them.


Long Range: These kids walkie talkies can handle a long range of communication. It has a transmitting range of 3 miles in an open area and a 0.5 1 mile range in residential areas.

Privacy: Walkie talkies are developed with 22 channels and 99 CTCSS subcodes. This minimizes the chances of other people connecting with your child using the same frequency.

Earpiece connection: The walkie talkies use an audio headset instead of a speaker. So, it allows you to carry it on your belt, and there’s no need to pull it out of the belt to speak.


  • Durability
  • Built in Flashlight
  • Clear sound
  • Easy to use


  • Breakable
  • Chances of disturbance

14. Homofy Dinosaur Toys

Homofy Dinosaur ToysThis is one of the best birthday gifts for a 5 year old boy as it can tell how much creative your boy is. The toy can be built in several ways.

Each time a new race track can be formed. The toy has different vehicles, green orbits that make the game quite intriguing.

Parts are very easy to manage and result in better performance for the tracks and the toy/ game. Are available in newer models. The toy will exercise your child’s patience, abilities, and imagination, etc.


The toy has green orbits, vehicles, and not just dinosaurs. Also, if your boy has a creative mind, he can make a whole new track as per his mood.

There can be various outcomes and tracks are easy to build. Just to make it more fun, there are military vehicles to move around. The toy is harmless to the kid as its non-toxic, and warranty safe.


  • A unique toy for boys.
  • Creative in every way.
  • It becomes more fun with vehicles.
  • Parts are easy to handle.


  • Should be handled carefully.
  • It can hurt your child as the parts could be dangerous.

15. Toch RC Robot Toy

Toch RC Robot ToyWhat would be more fun than to control a robot? The system makes of ABS material that’s socially sustainable and non-toxic. This makes playing easier and safer.

The robot is designed for children for their educational purposes as well. It has quick responses to various gestures like the hand, or move forward/ backward/ left/ right. It has a unique design and has wheels in it. Hence, the best gift for a 5 year old boy.


The robot can balance itself. There is an intelligent system in the robot which helps dodge obstacles easily. The robot can dance, narrate, sing, and much more.

The system is so advanced that it can avoid potential collisions. After charging the robot, it can play for 60 minutes and easy to charge with a USB cable. The robot can store up to 50 motion commands. These commands are put by the children as per their likes.


  • An intelligent system is installed.
  • It can have up to 50 motion commands.
  • The robot can avoid harmful collisions.
  • It’s got a great time to respond.


  • Has a battery life of 1 hour.
  • Takes 2 hours to charge.
  • The battery could get damaged if not properly handled.

16. Gilobaby Take Apart Racing Car

Gilobaby Take Apart Racing CarWhat is more fun than building your car the way you feel? To enhance the engineering, math, science, and technology skills is the primary aim of this toy.

The toy helps increase your boy’s imagination ability. There are drills given so that the boys can experience the true feel.

There are 26 pieces when fully assembled. There are lights and sounds for better play experience. The toy is best for educational purposes.


Luxurious and Classic sports cars are the two styles your child can choose from. A great DIY Toy to enhance technical skills, engineering skills, science, and math skills. It also enhances teamwork skills.

A total of 26 parts including screws, drills and other car parts required to fix, reassemble the car or to take it apart. The lights and sounds are a lot supporting when the car is fully assembled. Also a perfect gift for 5 yr old boys.


  • A great DIY toy for kids.
  • Enhances various skill sets.
  • Has Lights and Sounds in it.
  • Has parts of having a better experience in engineering.


  • Your child can be harmed as the pieces are small
  • The toy can be broken apart if fell from a certain height.

17. Lego Spider-Man Vs. Scorpion

Lego Spider-Man Vs. ScorpionThere is no better than Lego when it comes to building a kit. A simple kit to build the set. This also helps to build confidence in your child/ boy.

Two vehicles are buildable and full of character and full of fun. The game also enhances children’s imagination.

Also, the parts can be used at other LEGO sets. It fits with every one of them. Hence, the best gift for a 5 yr old boy.


A total of 125 pieces are provided in the building kit. It enhances the engineering skills, imagination skills of the boy. There are two mini-figures provided for confidence build up.

There is an alley wall along with a rooftop, spots for web elements, opening window. There are 2 legs for the spidey car and 2 pincers along with a tail for the scorpion vehicle. Spider-Man and Scorpion are the 2 figures available. They are easy to build set/ starter set.


  • Easy to build set.
  • Improves different sets of abilities.
  • It increases imagination power.
  • Boosts up the confidence of the boy.


  • It could result in a Choking Hazard.
  • The game also enhances children’s imagination.

18. Play22 Toy Rocket Launcher

Play22 Toy Rocket LauncherIf your boy loves rockets and stuff, then this is the perfect gift for a 5 year old boy. the main aim of this toy is to challenge the physical and mental skills of boys and girls.

This toy is also made for educational purposes. It has 6 Rockets in the package. Each fly up to 100 feet. Also, there is a missile launcher provided.

Great for outdoor games. The rockets are adjustable in all directions. It is made of high-quality material and is lightweight. A pump launcher is built for the rockets.


The rocket does not require any sort of battery. made of high-quality foam, so no one gets hurt. It is very easy to assemble. This outdoor game toy meets every safety aspect as required.

Flies up to 100 feet. the air rockets are adjustable In every possible direction. It comes with a pump launcher. Made challenge the mental and physical skills of the child.


  • Flies up to 100 feet.
  • It meets every safety aspect as required.
  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • is light in weight.
  • No batteries are required.


  • Small pieces. Choking Hazard.
  • The high-quality foam might be torn down.

19. Threeking RC Stunt Car

Threeking RC Stunt CarWhen it comes to gifts, nothing is better than racing cars for 5 yr old boys. The car has a professional design. And is made from a material of high quality.

For a convenient connection, a control frequency of 2.4GHz is provided. Flexible Differential and High-Quality ABS plastic are used to make the body.

This is the reason why the car is so rugged. It dances as it moves. The car is very much durable. This is the best gift for a 5 year old boy.


This dance car has a rotation dance of 360 degrees, a stunt flip of 360 degrees. Also, double-sided rolling and running 3D deformation. It works on every terrain, whether it is a simple land, sandy beach, wetland, or grasslands.

The car reaches a maximum of 12KMPH. 60 meters is the range of the remote control. Has quick rotating and turning movements while moving. The rubber tires are elastic and soft. Maintains high strength friction between the tires and the surface.


  • The Vehicle is rugged and durable.
  • An extremely strong grip is maintained.
  • The vehicle is Fully Functioned.
  • Materials used in the making are eco-friendly.


  • Might lose function if driven in water.
  • It might not work if several potential collisions are faced.

20. Marvel Superheroes Me Reader

Marvel Superheroes Me ReaderIt is an electronic reader with 8 books in its library. Your children can ask the Me reader to read any book they want to hear aloud. Then the kids will be asked to press a button of certain shapes and colors as they go ahead with the book.

This promotes learning and a love for reading in kids. This way, they can learn many things at an early age.

Each of the 8 books of the library contains 20 pages. So the total content is 120 pages. The books can provide long hours of entertainment and fun to your children. The reading level of the book is suitable for children between 3 to 7 years of age.


Stimulates Learning Ability: The books foster the learning and growth of children in various ways. Its multisensory reading promotes the imagination of children. Its interactive style keeps the children engrossed in the activity.

Full of Adventure: You will find all of the world’s best and most popular superheroes in the book. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Spiderman, black widow, Thanos, etc. are picturized in the books.

Fun and Surprising Sounds: Select a book, press the matching book and page buttons, and hear the full story. Listen carefully to enjoy the reading that accompanies surprise sound and music.


  • Creative
  • Educational
  • Easy to use
  • Improves vocabulary


  • Replacement of the habit of actual reading

21. 3-In-1 Race And Learn By VTech

3-In-1 Race And Learn By VTechVTech is a 3 in1 racing toy for kids. It’s driving console contains three modes of racing play. Children can learn and play at the same time with VTech.

The product can convert into a car, bike, or jet. In between the game, spelling, numbers, letters, phonics, etc. are displayed on the screen so that children can learn and play simultaneously.

It includes 9 courses to explore. The gear shifter of the product produces real sounds of racing. With so many great features, the product provides a really like and simulated driving experience to kids.

It is meant for children between 3 to 6 years of age. Your children will love you for this amazing present if gifted to them.


Educational: It is a play and learn toy for kids. Children learn to multitask and role play in the game. They get to learn numbers, spellings, phrases, etc.

Entertaining: The 3 in 1 race car is one of the most entertaining products for children. It allows them to role-play and learn while enjoying racing in the game. With vibrating sound and driving simulation, it provides realistic driving feeling to kids.

Parent-friendly: Parents can customize the settings of the toy. You can control the volume, and the sound and its automatic shut off feature.


  • Learn and Play
  • Entertaining
  • 3 in 1 fun
  • High quality


  • Addictive

22. Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Kit By Essenson

Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Kit By EssensonEssenson is an exploration kit that contains binoculars, flashlight, compass, whistle, tweezers, bug toys, hat, butterfly net, magnifying glass, bug containers, backpack, insect book, and exploration critter case. It is mainly used at the time of adventure.

You can discover new places and towns while carrying the kit with you to see what nature has to offer you. It is an innovative toy meant for children of 3 to 12 years of age.

If you are looking for the best gifts for 5 year old boys, this kit can bring a smile on your child’s face. It provides endless learning and immense fun to the children.


Outdoor Adventure: It is a perfect outdoor adventure kit. Now, your kids can explore nature more closely with this amazing kit and its accessories. It is specially designed to make children curious about things in nature. Binoculars included in the package allow the children to see everything more clearly.

Educational: The kit promotes learning in children. It promotes scientific learning in their minds and curiosity for knowing the aspects of nature.

Bug Catcher kit: With this, kids can catch and gather insects without even touching them. They can examine plants, insects, and rocks from a close distance. So, bring your child this amazing kit to boost their confidence and let them enjoy the beauty around them.


  • Educational
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Portable


  • Breakable

23. Take Apart Toys With Electric Drill By Top Race

Take Apart Toys With Electric Drill By Top RaceTop Race is a 3 in 1 construction truck. It is a stem building toy meant for kids between the age group of 3 to 7. Children can build the vehicle by following the easy step by step guide and using the powered drill tool. You can change this construction truck into a remote control.

There are 44 pieces in total inside the truck. You can assemble them to build three construction trucks dump trucks, cranes, and cement track.

If you are looking to surprise your children this festive season, you can buy this product. It is indeed the best gift for a 5 year old boy who has an interest in building and developing things.


3 in 1 Truck: It is a 3 in 1 construction truck set. The product runs on battery. It includes an electronic drill and remote control.

Convertible: The electric drill that runs on a battery can be converted into a remote control truck. You just have to follow the manual to get the directions, and it will be done easily in one simple step.

Fun for all: It is a great product and children find it very entertaining. The remote control can work for over 100 feet. The truck also produces realistic sound and music to amaze children. It requires 4XAA batteries that are not included in the package.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Convertible
  • Battery-powered


  • Interest-based product

24. Dinosaur Toys By Dreamingbox

Dinosaur Toys By DreamingboxIt is a dinosaur pull back car for kids between the age group of 2 6. It is a creative car based on animal figures and colors. The size of the car is small, but it looks amazing. It is made of soft plastic so that its material doesn’t hurt children.

To use this, you have to pull it back and then release it. The cars will move ahead by themselves. It will look like a walking dinosaur. However, the speed of the car won’t be too fast.

If you are looking to surprise your child on his/her birthday or Christmas, then it is one of the best gifts for five year old boy. Your child will love the texture and look of the car.


Creative: The design of the pullback car is extremely creative. It is based on the shape and color of dinosaurs. Children find it attractive, and this arouses their curiosity to play with this.

High quality: The dinosaur car for kids is made up of high-quality plastic. It is non-toxic. Children can play with this without any risk of danger.

Multifunctional: The car is of small size and very delicate so that small children can play with it easily. Though it is highly resistant to damage. It is perfectly designed. Its big tires protect it from any crash.


  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Safe for kids


  • Slow speed

25. Children Deformation Car Robot Toy By Refasy

Children Deformation Car Robot Toy By RefasyRefasy is a deformation robot toy car for children. It is a unique creation. This car will deform after pressing a button and will come back into its shape as nothing happened. There is one button to deform and reform the car.

The car doesn’t require any electricity to operate. When you slide its front wheels, it will move ahead using inertia.

The car has been created, keeping in mind the safety standards. It is made up of high-quality plastic so the product is completely safe to use. You can buy this for your kids and surprise them with this amazing creation.


2 in1 design: This robot car looks like a normal car, but the button present on its nose has a lot of things to do. After pressing it, the car will work like a robot. It will attract kids and they would love to play with it.

Durable: The car is made of high-quality material. The highest-rated plastic known as ABS plastic has been used. So, the car is safe, light, non-toxic, and is resistant to crash.

No Battery required: The robot car can run forward and backward using its inertia. The wheels of the car will roll. No battery is required to run the car. Children can play with it anytime and anywhere.


  • Unique
  • No battery needed
  • High-Quality material
  • 2 in 1 design


  • Slightly difficult to use


Some of the frequently asked questions while making a toy or a gift purchase for your 5 year old boys have been compiled in here.

1. What Do 5 Year Olds Think Is Cool?

The word cool is a parallel term. The 5 year old boys still favor hanging out with parents. Parents may be smart and funny, but the kids certainly observe the most desired items. Parents are often found surprised at how their kids know so many toys.

The kids somehow cope with finding out about the trendiest of toys and gadgets. A five year old is most likely to wish for anything their friends have what he sees his siblings or parents with or anything that is most discussed at school.

So most probably, his wish list may be filled with a remote driven vehicle, smartwatch, cell phone or whatever latest gadget is in the market currently.

However, not every gift or toy is appropriate for this age. It is advised to examine the age guidelines or to discuss with the parents before purchasing the selected item for the boy.

2. Is There A Gift Perfect For Every 5 Year Old Boy?

Books are considered the best option to give away as gifts. There are a variety of choices available, but not every book is meant for 5 year olds as the kids are still gaining the skill to read appropriately.

Gifting a variant of books helps kids form a bond and a love for reading that will be useful for them for the rest of their life. It is said that many brain connections are made in the first six years which creates a crucial pathway that becomes essential later in life.

You can even form a connection with the kid by gifting him a book that was once your favorite. Today personalized books have become a trend, and you can even design one with your boy’s name in it.

3. Will He Like What You Get Him?

The answer is most likely. Anything bought with effort will surely be appreciated by the kid. If you still aren’t sure of what to get for a 5 year old, then you should probably ask his parents.

A 5 year old is sure to be uncertain of what he wants or needs, so his parents are the preferable ones to ask for. You can even spend time with him noting down the things, toys or characters he drifts towards. The more creative the toys are, the more ways he can play with it.

You can even lookout for toys that can be put to several uses. Building blocks are a perfect example of creative toys and will help build the brain of your child.

Best Gifts For 5 Years Old Boys – Conclusion

It is difficult to figure out the best gift for your little one, even if you are the closest person to him. A wide range of choices are available and it is nearly possible to select one among them.

The gift might be something that fits his personality or it is something unique or something that reminds you of your childhood.

He is definitely going to love the struggle you put in. Kids love being given importance and any gift specially chosen for them would bring a smile on his face.

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