Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Boy 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. ThinkFun’s 2. Activ Life 3. Kids Against Maturity
ThinkFun’s Gravity Maze Best Gift For 11 Year Old Boy Activ Life Bicycle Lights  Kids Against Maturity

Middle-grade is often referred to as the “golden age” of childhood. Children of this age group are neither kids nor teenagers. They do have specific tastes and preferences. However, they are also still trying to explore their identity. Naturally, buying a gift for an eleven-year-old boy can be daunting.

So, we have done the research for you to help you find the best gifts for 11 year old boy.

Preteen is an age when the development of interpersonal relationships and emotional growth are of more importance than academic achievements.

Researcher Erik Erikson calls middle-school the age of “Industry vs Inferiority”. Eleven-year-olds have a growing sense of independence and privacy. It makes them work hard to accomplish increasingly complex tasks.
On the other hand, they grow self-aware, which can lead to self-consciousness; and thereby a struggle with being confident.

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Social and emotional needs influence their learning a lot. This is why a thoughtful gift would go a long way with an eleven-year-old boy. But, what are the factors that we should consider in order to buy the best gift for 11 year old boy?

Factors To Consider When Buying Best Gift For 11 Year Old Boy

1.  Functionality

Eleven-year-olds are at the commencement of adolescence. Along with having an increased attention span, a lot of their other skills such as problem-solving, computation, vocabulary, planning, and many more are improving constantly.

Thus, to engage an eleven-year-old, it is essential for the gifts to be functional. They are also more involved in extra-curricular activities than long-term future plans. A functional gift might enhance their personal growth and help them learn through an enjoyable process.

2. Durability

This is one constant factor that should be considered while buying any gift. Eleven-year-olds are quite energetic and involved in a bunch of physical activities. Choosing gifts that can keep up with their vigor is essential.
Another aspect of durability is how well the gift ages. If not strictly necessary, this is an important factor so that the young boys can keep using your gift for a long time.

3. Physical/Emotional/Cognitive Development

With puberty closing in, eleven-year-olds tend to go through a lot of physical changes. They are facing an uneven development of motor skills, strength, balance, agility, and so on. It can get difficult to adjust to such changes. Hence, gifts such as a basketball, a soccer ball, or ones that require and encourage physical activities are great for developing their self-esteem and health.

Preteen is also the time when kids start to develop world views and decision-making skills. Gifts that enhance their cognitive skills like critical thinking and planning are also some of the best gifts for 11 year old boys. Having the flexibility of thinking, kids this age can absorb a lot of information which can lead to their growth.

Social competence starts to grow at the age of eleven. Kids of this age can often be introspective and moody due to a sudden sense of self-awareness. Games that require interactions with others, such as organized sports, card games, board games can be extremely beneficial to their emotional development.

Since preteens have a growing sense of privacy, they might find social situations overwhelming. Reaching out to others and communicating can be hard for them. There is an array of interactive games and toys, you can choose from using which kids can bond with adults and form healthy and strong friendships.

4. Tastes And Preferences

Even though preteens are trying to explore their personalities, they still have a strong sense of taste and preferences. What are the coolest trends right now? Well, the kids probably already know about them. But adults can hardly keep up with them. We have done that work for you and compiled some amazing items that will delight eleven-year-olds.

5. Value For Price

It is important that the gifts you get have a high value for the price. The price tag does not necessarily give us an idea about the quality of the product. If you are looking for gifts that are reasonably priced and are of great quality at the same time, we have the perfect list of products for you.

Top 15 Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys 2021

Considering all the key factors, we have listed what we considered can be the best gifts for 11 year old boys. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

1. ThinkFun’s Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

ThinkFun’s Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Pre-teens are often more indulged in personal growth and development of social relationships than other achievements. Think Fun’s award-winning Gravity Maze marble run would make for one of the best gifts for 11 year old boy. It has all the essential components fitted together perfectly, to provide kids with an educational as well as an enjoyable experience.

STEM toys make great educational gifts already. The gravity maze combines marble run with a STEM toy, making it both an important learning tool, and a fun game. Partially, the maze is a building toy; it provides kids with the opportunity to learn planning skills. Additionally, playing their way through the game would develop their spatial reasoning and problem-solving.

By the age of eleven, kids already have a good understanding of language, and in fact, are focusing more on non-verbal cues. This game ensures that they would have a stealth learning experience too.
The instructional manual is easy to understand. The game consists of 60 beginner-to-expert challenges, which gradually increase in difficulty. However, the difficulty progresses at a comfortable pace so that kids will not lose their interest in playing.

Apart from the 60 challenges given in the cards, it also includes a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target piece, and 3 marbles. You begin the game by picking up a card (beginner to expert, any), set up the board based on the diagram in the card, and then the game gets interesting.

Pre-teens are in the age where they start valuing their independence and privacy. Often, they might even find it hard to connect with their parents and guardians. This game serves as a fun teaching tool, promoting a healthy bonding activity between children and adults.

To put it in a nutshell, the Gravity Maze Marble Run is a great way to allow eleven-year-olds to develop their cognitive skills in a constructive and enjoyable way. Not to mention that the game would age well too. The product being extremely durable can stay with the kids for a long while; they may even continue to play it till their early adulthood.

No matter if the eleven-year-old boy is interested in puzzles or not, this gift can develop their interest in science and engineering at a very young age.


2. Activ Life Bicycle Lights 

Activ Life Bicycle Lights 

Engaging in physical activities is essential to the development of kids. One such activity is biking. However, biking during the evening can be a bit dangerous as there’s not much visibility. Activ Life’s bicycle lights make cycling safer for kids.

LED bike lights are one of the most popular trends across America. Both kids and adults love these lights which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a safety tool; this is why it is in our list of best gifts for 11 year old boy.
Regular bike lights only let you see ahead, leaving you vulnerable from the sides. Unlike those, these LED lights make sure that you have visibility from all directions while you’re biking.

So your kids can be safer while biking even at dimly lit places. There are even two modes- “constant on” or “flash”; the latter adds extra fun. Now, you might have one doubt. Is it easy to install? Well, you got it. These LED lights fit more bikes than any other lights available.

You don’t even need any tools to install them. These patented lights are the only ones to use durable silicone bands to hold the lights securely in place.Activ life provides you with an easy-to-follow video on how to install the lights as well; so you don’t even have to read mundane and lengthy instructions. Batteries are included with the lights so that kids can use them right away.

Available in various colors from red, blue to multicolored, and ‘patriotic’, this product also comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. No matter the occasion, these lights are the way to brighten up a young boy’s day. However, we would suggest that these pretty lights are one of the best christmas gifts for 11 year old boy.


3. Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity

Family game nights might just get boring for preteens. Old-dated children’s games are too childish, and games like Cards Against Humanity are not very appropriate for them. We have a solution- Kids Against Maturity, the ideal card game for kids this age.

Kids Against Maturity is a tried and tested, classic fill-in-the-blanks game. Each game set includes 500 question and answer cards, and a handy box to store them all. Each player gets 10 white answer cards and takes turns asking the blue question cards.

The one who comes up with the most hilarious answer cards wins the hand.
The possibilities are as creative and funny as you can make them in this game. It allows kids to be thoughtful and creative in their own silly way. This kid-friendly, funny and thought-provoking card game is easily one of the best gifts for 11 year old boy.

Card games allow us to unplug from our virtual worlds for a little while and spend some quality time with our families and friends. Parents would also appreciate this gift since it would let them keep their kids entertained, without resorting to TV or cell phones.

Eleven-year-olds are quite self-aware, moody, and sensitive to others’ opinions of them. Kids Against Maturity can allow them to come out of their shell, get comfortable with their loved ones, while they giggle all the way through it.

The portability of the game set is also an important pro. Unlike other extremely elaborate game sets, this compact game can be carried anywhere- camping, traveling, sleepovers, family gatherings, game nights and so many more.
However, the cards are rich in flatulent humor. But, come on. Pre-teens are of that very specific demographic who appreciate such humor!

Kids Against Maturity would help young boys to cope up with the pressure of growing up, as they get ready to step into their teenage years. It would also let everyone have a truly enjoyable game night.


4. Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drones 

Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drones 

Pre-teens might have an affinity towards gadgets. Be it a regular cell phone, a smartwatch or a tablet. But what if there existed a gadget that could reduce their screen-time (thus protecting their eyes), and also enhance their love for various devices?

No matter if kids are naturally fascinated by gadgets or not, this UFO toy will be a great gift to incite their curiosity and interest in science and technology.UFOs are one of the most mystical objects human beings have ever imagined. Yes, perhaps an actual alien might not come with this UFO. But, this hand-operated UFO shaped drone will definitely fascinate eleven-year-old boys.

Pre-teen is usually the time that kids start to understand and decipher complex objects and ideas. Force1’s hand operated drones are the most convenient scoot drones for beginners.This UFO toy requires no remote to control it.

Featuring infrared sensors, these drones are designed to avoid obstacles, and their motion can be controlled by simple hand-gestures. You gently toss it into air indoors (or outdoors, if you wish), and this mini drone takes off, like a giant buzzing fly. It maintains its height with some basic variance; and as already mentioned, it can change direction when it senses obstacles around it.

The toy is also very lightweight, with a webbed shell casing that will protect kids’ hands from contacting the propeller. An added bonus are the vibrant, flashing LED lights on the drone to navigate and spot them easily in the dark. A USB charger is included with the drones for recharging the toy.

Being a US-certified STEM toy, this beginner drone has been designed and tested for quality and safety. These gentle flying saucers make for one of the best birthday gifts for 11 year old boys. And who knows, you might also be letting their dreams of becoming a scientist take off with these hover drones.


5. National Geographic Kids Why? 

National Geographic Kids Why?

Even though preteens are close to being teenagers, they retain curiosity from their childhood years. National Geographic’s ‘WHY?’ is one of the best gifts for 11 year old boy, because it lets them hold on to that curiosity.
Both emotional and social growth is of paramount importance in preteens.

They are becoming aware of themselves as individuals and trying to make sense of the physical or tangible world around them. Having a longer attention span, and flexibility of thinking, this is an ideal age for kids to know small to big details about the world around them.

This book provides them with that opportunity to learn.‘Why?’ is an extremely informative book filled with fun questions and even more fun answers. The questions revolve around different subjects, such as the human body, history of the world, the universe, animals, our own planet, technology, and even pop culture!

How genetically similar are we to apes? Why do we dream? Why were ancient pyramids so popular in the ancient world? Why is our galaxy called the Milky Way? Why doesn’t earth just float off into space? What is inside the shell of a turtle? What’s in the deepest parts of the ocean? Kids have so many questions all the time. This book will answer them all, and many more.

With hundreds of topics ranging from silly to serious, the book is filled with expert information and vivid illustrations. The fun and entertaining format of the books would also keep the kids engaged for long periods of time.

The facts provided in the book are solid expert information that you can trust completely.
Along with the answers to the questions, the book also has all kinds of fascinating facts, such as top ten lists, weird-but-true facts, explorer profiles, and all sorts of cool activities.

There are a lot of books on facts; such as encyclopedias – they contain everything. But you might be confused which one to buy for an eleven-year-old boy. This book is the answer. It is the perfect book that gives kids a profound educational experience while keeping them entertained and immersed for hours at a stretch.


6. Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

Here’s a riddle for you: what has hands but cannot clap? Before you figure that out, let’s talk about a book of riddles for kids.

Eleven-year-olds have a certain flexibility of thinking. With developing cognitive skills, they are starting to solve more and more complex problems. If you want to hone their logical thinking and imagination at the same time, this big book of riddles can be the best gift for 11 year old boy.

Designed to make children pick their brains, this book contains a whopping 300 riddles across three chapters with progressing levels of difficulty. The purpose of the book is to test logic, lateral thinking, as well as short-term memory.

It will engage kids to see patterns and connections between different things and circumstances.
The answers are also provided at the end of the book to sate their curiosity, in case it becomes too difficult for them to solve.

Gift this to an eleven-year-old boy and you can see them getting engrossed in solving the puzzles right away. It can also be a great bonding exercise between kids and adults. And the eleven-year-old might end up being an avid reader through this very interesting book.

Did you figure out the riddle mentioned before? The answer is a clock.Pre-teens are much more aware of themselves as individuals than younger children, and they are often more interested in extra-curricular activities than academic pursuits.

On the other hand, they have a sense of independence and try to work hard to be more responsible by accomplishing complex tasks.

So why not gift them something that will nurture their skills in an entertaining manner? This book is sure to teach them how to think outside the box, and become more confident with their abilities!


7. Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone 

Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone

Drones are an amazing way to incite interest in kids towards science and technology. Despite their fun appeal, they introduce children to the laws of physics. If you are looking for a remote controlled drone for an eleven-year-old boy, Holy Stone’s HS190 is the perfect model to pick.

And who knows, the young captain might grow up to be a real pilot someday. And you will be the one he thanks.
One of the issues with drones for beginners is that they can crash very easily. However, this mini drone is resilient and sturdy.

It can sustain a lot of damage, even if it crashes against walls and other objects again and again.
Being ultra-responsive, the drone reacts to the remote very well allowing smooth flying and safe landings. It is also equipped with a number of interesting functions that increases its accessibility to beginners.

The altitude hold function, for example, is a powerful air pressure mechanism that allows the drone to hover at any specific height. The ‘One key take off/landing’ function lets the drone automatically float at a set altitude after take-off and before landing.

This function is specifically helpful for unskilled beginners to control and maneuver this quadcopter without any fuss.The headless mode enables players of any level to fly and operate the drone easily. And the one-key return is perhaps the most useful function in the headless mode.

All you have to do is press a button and the drone will automatically return to you. All the features of the drone are well-explained in the manual provided with the set itself. The guidelines are easy to follow and help you fly the drone effortlessly.

Spare parts for the quadcopter are provided with the set itself; you don’t have to fret about where to find any part if you lose them. There are three speed levels you can choose from, to fly the drone. The high speed rotation option which makes the drone do 360 degrees circles lets it fly at high speeds. Once a kid gets the hang of it they can fly it at any speed they want to with ease.

This mini quadcopter is portable since it can be folded into the controller. Kids can take these anywhere they wish to. There are also LED lights on the drone that helps to track them if the surroundings are dimly lit.Any eleven-year-old boy would be over the moon to receive this as a gift which they can start using right away.

Additionally, the company provides great customer service, which is why this drone has made its way into the list of best gifts for 11 year old boy.


8. Toyk Boy Toys – LED Hover Soccer Ball 

Toyk Boy Toys - LED Hover Soccer Ball 

Speaking of cool gadgets, a hovering soccer ball might seem too far-fetched. But it is not. Toyk has brought you this interesting little tool which adds a fun spin to regular soccer.

This soccer ball by Toyk hovers slightly over the ground and can be used both indoors and outdoors. A lot of pre-teens don’t really go outdoors to play; even more so with the advent of smartphones. Toyk’s soccer balls give them a scope to exercise and have the fun experience of playing soccer, without having to go out at all.

It also gets difficult to play outdoors during extreme weather conditions. This toy can be extremely handy for such days too; youngsters can have a healthy kick-about exercise while staying indoors.Equipped with a powerful fan underneath, this soccer ball can smoothly glide across most flat surfaces, such as hard wood floors, tiles, carpet etc.

Bright, colorful LED lights are installed on the ball, so that kids can even play in the dark. In fact, playing in the dark, with the vibrant lights on would make the game more challenging and enjoyable. This lightweight hovering soccer ball is made of non-toxic material, with a foam edging.

It would neither hurt the feet of the kids playing with it, nor would it damage any furniture or the walls it touches. If you are looking for something that is light on the pocket too, this fun toy is the best gift for 11 year old boy.


9. Not Parent Approved

Not Parent Approved

Don’t be misled. ‘Not Parent Approved’ is simply the name of the brand. Besides, pre-teens are often rebellious, they are learning a new sense of independence and this name might be the most fascinating for them.

Inspired by Cards Against Humanity, Not Parent Approved is a 100% family-friendly card game. Appropriate for preteens, teens and their families, this card game is designed to rekindle fun family game-nights!
Tweens are in a difficult stage of development.

With puberty almost knocking on their doors, pre-teens often find it difficult and awkward to adjust with their physical development. Being particularly self-aware, they might even be very susceptible to mood swings. Such kids might even be very shy around others, and find it difficult to even connect with their family.

Games like Not Parent Approved will get kids to loosen up and enjoy some quality time with their loved ones, giggling till their eyes water.

Yes, we indeed have mentioned a similar kind of set of cards before. The name of this one adds a little spin to the concept. Similar to Kids Against Maturity, this is also a fill-in-the-blanks kind of game, and contains plenty of gratuitous bathroom humor. The rules are quite straight-forward and easy-to-follow, so everyone can start playing right away.

The game consists of 455 high-quality and extremely durable premium printed cards coming in a custom shrink wrapped box. Being small and portable, these cards can be taken anywhere- parties, sleepovers, picnics, road trips, flights, or camping.

However, this is not just a simple game. Not Parent Approved is also the winner of Scholastic Golf Star Toy Award. Scholastic review has said that you can use these cards as a tool to improve kids’ reading skills; especially in kids who are reluctant to read.

This card game is the perfect way for preteens to disconnect with the virtual world, and connect with their loved ones instead. Being an interactive game, it also helps kids develop their social competence. If you have already bought Kids against Maturity, you could totally buy Not Parent Approved and mix and match them up for an even more hilarious experience.


10. Capture The Flag Redux

Capture The Flag Redux

Pre-teens are going through various kinds of physical, cognitive, social and linguistic development. However, they might be particularly interested in social dynamics and emotional growth around this time. Their abilities to grasp complex ideas, rules, non-verbal cues etc. are improving as well. Interactive games and organized sports are an efficient way to nurture their social skills.

Given all these factors, it’s of no doubt that a game like Capture the Flag will be one of the best gifts for 11 year old boy. But it does more than more than improving their social abilities. Capture the Flag is an outdoor game which requires strategy, planning, stealth, organization and problem solving. In its own fun way, the game subtly polishes a lot of executive and cognitive functions in kids.

Designed to improve social skills, this game can be played with 4 to 20 players at a time. It will allow eleven-year-olds to learn the value of teamwork and develop a strong sense of sportsmanship. They might even end up making stronger and healthier bonds with their friends and family members.

With kids getting increasingly attached to electronic devices, they hardly get any exercise. Capture the Flag Redux also ensures that they run around a lot, providing them with a scope of engaging in some healthy physical activity. The glowing orbs and bracelets add a little fun twist making the game very ideal to play in the dark.

It is even a great alternative to the regular laser tag, flashlight tag, light up LED balls and many more.
The game set comes with 25 light-up game pieces, 12 hours of batteries, and 12 different ways to play. Instructions are provided with the kit itself, and they are easy to understand, especially when kids are trying to figure it out together.

Being a game that enhances physical, cognitive and social skills simultaneously, Capture the Flag makes for a phenomenal gift, for any eleven-year-old boy.The game can be played anywhere with enough space to run – the school gymnasium with the lights off, youth organizations, sleepaway camps, summer camps, and literally any open space ever.

Have you been thinking about what can be one of the best birthday gifts for 11 year old boy? Here is your answer. Once an eleven-year-old unpacks this gift on his birthday, you can see him having the time of his life with his friends.


11. GlowCity Light Up Basketball

GlowCity Light Up Basketball

LED lights are one of the coolest trends now. They are everywhere. And basketball is a sport enjoyed by most people around the world. GlowCity’s basketball uses LED lights to light up in the dark that perhaps make the sport even more interesting.

Elven-year-olds are going through an uneven development of physical skills, such as agility, strength, balance and flexibility. Encouraging them to engage in physical activities will not only enhance their physical growth, but also let them become more confident.

A basketball that glows in the dark will make them more enthusiastic to play even more. GlowCity’s basketball has not one but two very bright LED lights. They illuminate the entire ball from the inside, which gives an optimum experience of playing basketball at night.

The lights are impact-activated. It means that they light up automatically when you use the ball, and shut off when not in use. This function of the product makes it extremely convenient. Batteries for the lights are already installed, and are replaceable.

Once you have filled the ball up with air, you can start using it immediately.
This glowing basketball is sure to encourage young boys to engage with the sport. Hence, this is definitely among the best gifts for 11 year old boy, if you want him to have some healthy exercise through a sport while having fun too.

Lastly, GlowCity provides excellent customer service. Like all their other products, this glowing basketball comes with a 60-day hassle free repair or replace guarantee. So, without worrying much, simply gift this to an eleven-year-old boy, and see their eyes light up!


12. Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens

Dodgeball is a really fun sport. And card games require strategy. What happens when you combine them? An extremely chaotic and absolutely hilarious game.

Exploding Kittens’ Throw Throw Burrito is the world’s first dodgeball card game. If you are confused, don’t worry, we will explain it to you. Meant for 2-6 players, the set includes 120 cards, 7 tokens and 2 incredibly soft burritos. The rules of the game are quite simple and easy for kids to learn.

Every player has a set of cards in their hands; they draw and discard cards at every round. And occasionally, when you draw a set of burrito cards, you have to throw the soft, squishy burritos at the other players. Essentially, everyone has to collect matching sets of cards while simultaneously ducking, dodging, and throwing airborne burritos.

The cards you collect earn you points, but get thrown by burritos and you lose points. You can see what a pandemonium this game can create. Hence, it would definitely be one of our picks among the best gifts for 11 year old boy.

Pre-teens can be as chaotic as they can be moody. This game ideally matches their energy. If you are worried that this gift is not ‘educational’ enough, then we have news for you. It challenges your kid’s wit and agility, hence helping their cognitive and physical skills grow simultaneously. This game simply develops their skills while they are cheering and giggling till their stomach hurts.

As the game is fast paced, even young boys who can’t concentrate long enough can enjoy it through and through. They would also get enough exercise in between the throwing and dodging of the burritos. Marlene Huffincobble, a burrito enthusiast describes the game as, “It’s like Uno meets Nerf.”

Just make sure that there are no fragile objects around, and with these cards pre-teens have the most delightful party game ever! Not to mention that the game is fun enough for adults to participate as well. And a fun bonus is that now kids have an excuse to throw burritos at each other, without the chance of anyone getting hurt!


13. Prograce Children Kids Camera 

Prograce Children Kids Camera 

Parents might get annoyed with kids for hogging at their smartphones for using the cameras. Using phones for very long is not healthy for their eyes either. And perhaps eleven-year-olds are too young to be getting their own phones.

Prograce’s Camera for kids provides us with an artful solution. Being a durable camcorder with numerous fun features, this one surely makes it to the list of best gifts for 11 year old boy.Let’s talk about the technicalities first. Made with non-toxic, environment-friendly material, this kids’ action camera has a 1.77” LCD screen.

It comes with a CMOS image sensor and features professional HD 1080P/30fps videos and 5MP photos. The camera also has multiple built-in functions such as, 40 photo frames, 7 color video modes 4X digital zoom, burst shooting, face recognition, time-lapse photo, manual brightness adjustment, volume adjustment (3 levels), and some mini games.

Kids will be able to record every amazing moment of their lives with this. The buttons of the camera being easy to use for even younger kids, it would be a piece of cake for eleven-year-old boys.A sturdy waterproof case is provided with the camera. It is extremely easy to install, and weather-resistant.

You can also totally use this to take pictures and videos during swimming. Tools to hook the camera up to the handlebars of bikes or to mount it to the helmet while kids are biking are also supplied with the main product itself.

Youngsters can use this camera when they are skating, biking, or skateboarding. Is it raining? Well, they can still use it to take pictures outside.Both the camera and its battery are durable. It’s only obvious that the camera would be used roughly if kids are taking them outside while biking or skating.

The product being robust will not break easily even if kids drop it frequently. The young boy can cherish his memorable days through the pictures, and even preserve this sturdy camera as a memorable keepsake.
As for the battery life, the camera uses a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery, with a continuous recording time of 1.5 hours.

The lithium battery also recharges pretty quickly making it ideal for the impatient preteens.
There is a slot in the camera for a micro SD card with a maximum support capacity of 32 GB. Just add a memory card to the camera and you are good to go. It is also highly compatible with both windows and MAC; transferring photos from the camera will surely not be an issue.

Prograce provides a 1 year warranty period with this camera, along with free customer service for life. Putting all its other pros aside, if you are looking for something with a very high value for price, this amazing camera is our answer.


14. Toptoy Flashing LED Gloves Cool Fun Toys

Toptoy Flashing LED Gloves Cool Fun Toys

As fall has almost arrived (or even knocking on the door, for some places), it’s time to get the cozy clothes out. As for children, Toptoy has made gloves really interesting. As we have already mentioned, LED lights are one of the biggest trends now.

So these light-up gloves are one of the best gifts for 11 year old boy.
These gloves by Toptoy have multicolored LED lights attached inside them. When worn, the lights give a skeletal look to the gloves, which adds a mild spooky vibe. It is not too scary, but spooky enough to be perfect for Halloween.

Made with breathable, lightweight cotton and polyester blend, the gloves perfectly stretch to fit the hands of the kids. The wrists of the gloves are stretchable and air-permeable, making them very comfortable to wear. The quality of the fabric makes the gloves warm enough for winter, but also light enough for summer nights.

With these light-up gloves, eleven-year-olds can create their own light shows to any event. Birthdays, Christmas, weddings, dances, New Year Eve and any other occasion can be made more fun. Kids can simply wear these during concerts or sporting events to make a style statement.

It can be a bummer if the batteries run out though. But the sellers have taken care of that too. Batteries are pre-installed in the gloves, so that kids can start using them straight away. But apart from that, a set of 4 spare batteries are provided as an added bonus with the main product.

If you still have any questions regarding the quality of the product, Toptoy gives you a 60 days money-back guarantee for these gloves. The customer service is also commendable; you will have a great buying experience with this product.

Being a cozy pair of gloves with quirky lights on them, we can assure that these lights are one of the best christmas gifts for 11 year old boy.


15. ToyVelt Punching Bag For Kids

ToyVelt Punching Bag For Kids

Physical development is often not steady in preteens. There is an uneven development of various physical aspects such as height, weight and motor skills. This might lead to them to be self-conscious of their bodies and have low self-esteem.

A boxing kit might be the best gift for 11 year old boy, for growing his confidence.
Everything the young boxer would need for a boxing kit is provided in this one box by Toyvelt- a weighted standing base, a stitched punching bag, a hand pump and quality made boxing gloves.

The stand has an elastic spring attached to it so that its height can be adjusted (80 to 110 cm) accordingly. The punching bag can be inflated easily and the sturdy boxing gloves can withstand a lot of wear and tear.In addition to being a great toy that promotes physical activity, this boxing set is also portable.

You can simply deflate the ball, pack this compact set and take it with you while travelling. Kids can continue to box even on weekend trips or holidays. The punching ball is easy to set up and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The freestanding base simply needs to be filled with water or sand and the ball can be inflated effortlessly. And there you go; the young boy can play for endless hours, anywhere- the porch, the backyard, the playground and even the beach!

Being at the cusp of adolescence, eleven-year-olds frequently get frustrated to adjust with growing both physically and emotionally. Boxing is a sport through which they can let steam off and channel their energy positively.

It also ensures that they are healthy and active, simultaneously developing skills such as hand-eye coordination, flexibility, gross-motor skills and more.The boxing kit also has a 100% money-back guarantee and excellent customer service. You can completely trust the quality and craftsmanship of the product.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Do Most 11 Year Olds Want For Their Birthdays?

11 year olds can have very different tastes and interests. However, anything that inspires their curiosity, and helps them grow can qualify as a great birthday gift.

2. How Do I Keep My 11 Year Old Busy?

Any game that requires strategy or fun interaction with others can engage 11 year olds. As for solitary activities, illustrated books, puzzles, building games, drones or sports like boxing can also keep them busy. If the activity is mentally stimulating, kids will naturally be engrossed in it.

3. What Are The Best Games For 11 Year Olds?

11 year olds are not very young kids anymore, so they might get bored easily with games that are meant for younger children. Games that require interaction or physical activity are usually the best for 11 year olds. STEM toys are very thought-provoking making them some of the best games for kids.

4. What Can An 11 Year Old Do When Bored At Home?

There are plenty of activities for a bored 11 year old. Various card games, such as the Throw Throw Burrito or Kids Against Maturity can stimulate them. There are also numerous physical activities like boxing or soccer balls that they can play at home, if you want your kids to get some exercise at home.

5. What Are Some Practical Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys?

Anything that has a positive impact on them and is functional can be a practical gift for an 11 year old boy. Cameras for kids, STEM toys, and informative books can fulfill these criteria.

Summing Up

Preteens are in a delicate period of their lives. Their skills need care and nurturing. Hence, we have carefully picked the best products at the best prices so that the eleven-year-old boy can have an amazing experience through your gift. A gift card would be an easier option. But a thoughtful gift can stay with kids of this age for a long time.
We have considered all the essential factors while creating this list of products. So you can simply go ahead and pick one. And we can assure that the young boy would love it, no matter what the occasion is.

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