Best Gifts For 3 Year Old 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Flybar 2. Catch A Mermaid 3. Toyk Aqua
Flybar My First Foam Best Gift For 3 Year Old How To Catch A Mermaid Toyk Aqua Magic Mat

No longer the “little two year old”! Your munchkin is already 2 and is getting into the third year. So you’re probably looking for the best gifts for 3 year olds? We’ve got you covered.

Choosing gifts for them might be challenging. Three-year-olds are highly notorious and are always on the move. That is why attention-grabbing toys, with an attractive display, are a must.

It is also the prime age when toddlers start retaining whatever is taught to them. So it is necessary to look for toys that are not just enjoyable but build cognitive thinking, muscle coordination, and color recognition.

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How We Chose The Gifts

The key to selecting the best gifts for 3 year olds is to focus on how they are developing. They are likely to follow easy directions and recognize colors and alphabets.

“Your child will continue to make massive leaps in social, and physical development that you will take in with awe,” says Dr.Christina Kapalu. So the recipe is to combine their inquisitiveness with their physical agility.

We have followed the same while making our selection.

1. Gifts Which Let You Explore

Three-year-olds are as curious as a cat and have an inclination towards the world around them. Sand, mud, stones, and insects would attract their attention easily.

So choose gifts like Hover Soccer, and Bug Catcher Kits, that increase their playtime and outdoor activities. These would further encourage them to play in groups and develop leadership qualities.

2. Gifts That Enhance Creativity

The age of three years is when kids start learning to write and draw. So you would usually find them painting your walls or scratching notebooks.

Go for Aqua Magic Mats, LCD Writing Tablets . You can even go for a toddler’s piano to kickstart their musical creativity.

These toys increase the playtime and further help in building their color-recognition capabilities.

3. Gifts Which Foster Friendships

Social development is an indicative milestone in the growth of three-year-olds. They become cooperative and would be willing to share their toys with kids of the same age. They even learn to wait for their turn.

So go for toys like racing cars and board games that require multiple players. It gives them independence as they learn to be away from their parents and enjoy the company of friends.

Increased cooperative play enhances communication skills and teamwork. These gifts would refine their verbal and analytical abilities too.

Top 14 Best Gifts For 3 Year Old 2021

1. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Topping our collection is the Pogo Jumper by Flybar. Specially crafted with durable foam, this makes for an ideal choice for your toddler.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The highly durable parts of the toys withstand the worst conditions. So there’s nothing to worry about if your kid accidentally throws it somewhere.

Indulge your kids in a healthy and bouncy fun with this jumper. It develops dexterity and enhances fine motor skills.

The handle has an ergonomic design to provide excellent grip and balance. The squeak after every jump adds to the excitement.

This toy is enjoyable and further encourages fitness. The foam structure also helps dodge any minor injuries. It is available in various designs like the unicorn, red LED, and frog to give a unique statement to each kid.

The company has a unique 30-day return policy with a full refund. No hassles, just incredible customer satisfaction. So go Boeing Boeing Squeak!


2. How To Catch A Mermaid

How To Catch A Mermaid

Dive into the sea world with this fascinating book on How To Catch a Mermaid. This book would be one of the best gifts for three year old girl if she goes gaga over fantasies.

The book is not all about a story on a mermaid. The brilliant ebb and flow of words coupled with a mellifluous rhyme make it an interesting read.

It is one of the books from the New York Times bestselling “HowTo Catch” series. It consists of 40 pages with small bits of information per page. So your kids will never get bored.

All the dialogues are arranged in text bubbles to make the text comprehensible for children. The bright colors and vivid illustrations would keep them glued to the text. However, the sharks might be a little scary.

This product is also available as an audiobook, paperback, and Kindle book. The audiobook would be the best gifts for 3 year olds if they like to listen to stories more often. The sound effects offer a realistic experience and deliver the story in soothing tones.

Other titles by the same author include :

  • How To Catch a Dragon
  • How To Catch a Tooth Fairy
  • How To Catch a Unicorn

The product also adheres to STEM guidelines.


3. Toyk Aqua Magic Mat

Toyk Aqua Magic Mat

Toddlers often crawl about anywhere, thus making it difficult for you to keep a check. The best gifts for 3 year olds are the ones that make their mum’s tasks easier too. The Magic Mat by Toyk is one such product.

The Toyk Aqua Magic Mat is a 40×28 inch drawing mat with doodles of the sea world. The bright blue color and cartoons would always keep your child attracted. The package includes 6 drawing pens, 8 stencils, 4 drawing templates, and a jigsaw puzzle.

Fill the pens with clear water and let your kids draw on the mat. Look down in awe as it vanishes magically after 3-5 minutes. So your little one can go on drawing as much as they please. However, the disappearance also depends upon the temperature and airflow of your area.

The alphabets on the mat make learning fun. The stencils and number sets help enhance grip and fine motor skills.

Never worry about kids making a mess as the mat is made of water-resistant nylon. It is non-toxic, non-polluting, and is safe for 3 years. The disappearing traces satisfies your child’s imagination and endless creativity.

Playing on the mat together encourages group activities and nurtures friendships. You can either place it on the table or the floor. It develops hand-eye coordination and color perception.

This is one of the best 3 year old gifts to make birthdays more enjoyable.


4. Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

Want to give your little girl a good sleep full of vibrant dreams? The Doctor Unicorn Hooded Sleepwear would be the ideal choice.

Unicorn signifies mysticism, miracles, and magic. Bring alive the same for your kid with this unique sleepwear.

Made of 100% polyester, this sleepwear is soft and gives a snug fit, which makes it ideal for a good sleep. The unicorn head is something that girls would die for.

The unicorn head gives an edge to your girl’s personality. Gift her a magical world with dreams that are special just like her. Not just this, it is further accessible in almost 15 color combinations.

Don’t like unicorns? Nevermind, butterflies, and rainbow skies are available too. So choose your mystical power right away!

Speaking of the size, it is always better to go for the larger size if you are not getting the proper fit. This product can be either hand-washed or machine-washed. However, it must be kept away from sunlight.


5. Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys For Kids

Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys For Kids

Boys are said to be car fanatics. So kindle their interest in machines and motors with this radio control car by Prextex. The car is the perfect introduction to RC toys for children 3 years and above.

Each package includes the following :

  • 1 police car
  • 1 racing car,
  • 2 figures: racer and policeman
  • 2 remote controllers.

The cars require three AA batteries, and the remote requires two AA batteries. The batteries are not included in the package.

The police sirens, flashlights, and unique logos make for a realistic experience. Both cars have different frequencies and controls. So you can challenge your toddler to a race, or he may go for it single-handedly.

The easy controls on the remote make the cars the best gifts for 3 year olds. They are made of durable polypropylene and are safe for kids. The small size:5x4x4 inches and lightweight make it easier to handle.

This product may not be the best gifts for 3 yr old children who are epileptic. Therefore, keep the cars away from kids who cannot tolerate high sound-levels.


6. Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Kit

Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Kit

Your kids may be engrossed in a coloring book, but suddenly a butterfly passes by. There they are, running after those bright colors. Harness their interest in bug-catching with this unique Explorer Kit.

Every inspection kit contains each of the following:

  • 5x power magnification Binoculars
  • Compass
  • Flashlight
  • Butterfly Net
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Backyard Exploration Critter Case
  • Whistle
  • Tweezers and Bug Containers
  • Hat and Backpack

Take your kids for a mini-adventure. The 5X magnifying glass enables them to spot bugs and other insects easily. Use the Lensatic compass to teach directions.

Let your kid hold the flashlight while you lead the way. This kit makes for a great outdoor activity and develops leadership skills. The flashlight is very easy to operate. One flick and your path would be flooded with light.

Once your little one gets a bug, they can effortlessly put it into the net or the bug container to observe it closely. The insect book would further help them in learning the life cycle with illustrations.

At times, kids may catch a poisonous insect unknowingly. The tweezers have been provided exclusively for this task. They prevent any form of contact with the skin, thus reducing the risks of inflammations or skin diseases.

Explorer kits like these are the best gifts for three year olds to kickstart their understanding of science.


7. Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet

Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet

Are the kids mastering their strokes on the walls? Give them the artistic exposure with this LCD writing tablet by Bravokids.

This tablet is no-glare and radiation-safe, and it keeps your children’s eyes safe and comfortable. It even cancels out paper wastage, thus protecting the environment.

Children can doodle on it numerous times. No more lost stationary, no mess at home. The tablet is a battery-operated device with a 6-month lifespan. All you have to do is just replace the batteries. No plugging, no charging.

Working with this is as easy as drawing or writing on a sheet of paper. The width of the lines depends on how much pressure is applied to the stylus. Press the erase button to clear your screen at one go.

You can even save your work by using the lock key. Unlock it to edit your drawing. This board is available in four bright hues – red, blue, yellow, and pink.

It is made of highly durable polypropylene that is tested safe for kids. The corners are rounded to prevent any injuries. So it’s going to take a lot more than accidentally dropping it to break this beauty.

The lightweight and portable design enables you to carry it everywhere. It fits perfectly in school bags as well as handbags. Whether you’re traveling or are at home, always use it on the go.

Looking for products that enhance STEM learning with ingenuity? This is the best gift for a 3 year old that covers it all.


8. Fun Little Toys Kids Play Tent

Fun Little Toys Kids Play Tent

The next time that you go out for camping, give your kids their own space with this Play tent by Fun Little Toys. Every pack contains the following hiking necessities :

  • Battery-powered gas stove
  • An oil lamp
  • binoculars
  • utility knife
  • multifunctional whistle
  • cooking pan
  • plates, shovel
  • pop up tent

The collapsible and easy set up of the tent makes it a very good choice for kids. Kids can also use it as a mini play-space when indoors.

Camping further brings kids closer to nature and improves their mental health. It also lessens their addiction to phones, thus giving a positive outlook on life.

The lamp is battery operated and lights up by the mere press of a button. Kids can recreate the camping experience at home easily with this kit. There’s no need to rely on the internet or technology for entertainment.

The four in one multifunction whistle features a flashlight, a compass, and a thermometer. You can even set up a treasure hunt to make their imaginations run wild. Let them experience the quest for survival in nature’s bounty.


9. Disney Girls’ Minnie Hoodie With Bow And Ear

Disney Girls' Minnie Hoodie With Bow And Ear

This would be the best gifts for 3 years old girl for her first trip to Disneyland. Nothing could be better than dressing up as your favorite character!

The hoodie is super soft and is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. No need to worry about fake prints as it is officially licensed by Disney.

The white color with black polka dots would suit anyone. The Minnie Mouse ears and the bow over the hood are too cute for words. The ears are filled with foam, and that keeps them upright at all times.

The product is only to be machine-washed and dried. Wash it separately to avoid the mixing of colors.

Speaking of measurements, it is true to size. So order the usual size for a proper fit.

Although the hoodie is great for the price, you need to be a little cautious about the colors. Some customers have complained of the colors wearing off with every wash. There were complaints regarding the screen print showing through Minnie’s face in the front.

However, if you face any of these issues, you can always return the product and ask for a replacement.


10. Selieve Toys Walkie Talkies For Kids

Selieve Toys Walkie Talkies For Kids

At three years of age, children have clear communication skills and love to talk. They often try to snatch your cellphones if you’re on a call. The walkie talkie toy by Selieve is an awesome solution to this problem.

It is a lightweight and portable model. The 5.5 x 2.5 x 1-inch size makes it pocket friendly. It has been ergonomically designed to give a good grip.

These walkie talkies are the best gifts for 3 year olds to monitor their outdoor activities. All you need is four AAA batteries to stay connected.

This product features a unique call alert function with high anti-interference technology to lower the decibel and deliver a crisp communication. Great for indoor as well as outdoor activities.

It can broadcast over 20 channels. Just push the button to talk, and double click to activate a single beep. The devices are available in a variety of hues like red, neon green, pink, blue, and ochre.

The bright LCD displays the battery status, channels, CTCSS, scan function, and Voice Activation(VOX). It also has a built-in flashlight to accompany you for your night adventures.

No need to worry about your kids losing the device. Belt clips have been included for this very purpose. The walkie talkie is also very durable and can resist a fall of 1.2 meters. So it would need more than a mere bump to destroy this invention.


11. Magblock Magnetic Building Blocks 

Magblock Magnetic Building Blocks

An innovative alternative to LEGO blocks, Magblock is an even more fun toy to play with. Your kids would love how the blocks stick together instantaneously.

The pack consists of 103 magnetic tiles:

  • 24 Triangles
  • 45 Squares
  • 6 Isosceles Triangles
  • 2 Hexagons
  • 2 Wheels
  • 24 Castle cards

Not to miss out on the guidebook full of beautiful illustrations that make learning easier. All the pieces have round edges to prevent any minor cuts and injuries. They are made of non-toxic, and highly durable ABS material that is tested safe for children.

The magnets are very strong for making tall castles. They even allow the creation of various patterns, matching the child’s imagination. The magnetic toys help children with STEM learning.

Connecting the pieces to form structures develops fine motor skills, color coordination, and analytical skills of young minds. The quick attachments of the magnets are what attract your child.

This is a great toy for playing in groups as well as with siblings. It further helps to nurture friendships and instill the habit of sharing.

A quick snap, and Voila. Your dream castle is ready!


12. Yeebay Interactive Whack A Frog Game

Yeebay Interactive Whack A Frog Game

You must have played Whack The Animal game numerous times on your phone. Let your toddlers have fun with this Whack A Frog Game live!

The game by YEEBAY features two different modes with changing speed levels as you progress through the game. Each pack includes two hammers and a game board.

Children usually have a very short attention span and get easily diverted. This product helps to build their concentration and patience.

The alternate turns further enhance interactive skills with their parents and encourages them to be cooperative. The 38-speed changing levels keep your kid glued to the set for achieving a good score.

Need not worry about safety. The hammers are soft. The board has smooth edges and is made of premium materials that have been tested safe for kids.

This game will be the best 3 year old birthday gifts if you wish to make learning fun.


13. Schoenhut 25-Key My First Piano

Schoenhut 25-Key My First Piano

Musical instruments make for fantastic toys at this age. Your child would be filled with excitement at the tone of each key. Pianos or stringed instruments like harp, or ukulele improve coordination and musical creativity.

This piano from Schoenhut is a tabletop piano with 25 keys. The proper width of the keys enables the perfect placement of fingers when shifting to a larger piano. Your little one would love performing on it for a crowd.

The keys are also fitted with removable color strips. They help in guiding the toddler through the chords. It is crafted with highly durable material and meets EN17, ASTM, and CPSIA standards.

Schoenhut’s bright red colored piano is the best for a toddler’s first piano. The chromatic tuning teaches proper “finger stretch” to kids from the very beginning.

It also comes with a Songbook with all the familiar tunes that kids enjoy. It makes learning fun and boosts a child’s confidence. It further improves concentration and hand-eye coordination.


14. CozyBomB Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy

CozyBomB Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy

Witness your children master the English alphabet the fun way. It is a magnetic fishing game manufactured by CozyBomB.

There are 26 brilliant colored magnetic fishes in total. Each of the fishes stands for a letter. The fishing poles are wooden and magnetic to help pick all the fishes.

This game improves teamwork and brings a kid closer to his parents. Assign the toddlers a color, or any alphabet. Give marks for every correct catch that they make.

The hunt for picking the correct fish builds concentration power and polishes fine motor skills. It also augments color recognition, counting skills, and cognitive abilities. Every right catch further boosts the child’s confidence.

This game would be a must-have possession for every household with 3-year-olds. The toys have no sharp edges. All the fishes, including the board, are made of a smooth magnetic material to give a safe fishing experience.

It is the best Christmas gifts for 3 year old to have a birthday bash with all the other toddlers.


Safety Is Always A Priority

The best gift for 3 year old is one that meets all the safety standards. Here are some points to help you.

  • Make sure the toys have no sharp edges and points.
  • Avoid games with marbles or balls that have a diameter of 1.75 inches or less. At this stage, children tend to swallow anything new to them. These products pose a choking hazard and can cause severe intestinal blockage.
  • When buying crayon sets or paints, check for the designation ASTM D-4236. This means that the product has been tested by a toxicologist, and has been labeled with cautionary information, if any.


1. How To Choose Educational Toys?

Look for toys that meet STEM principles. Go for gifts that would enable the child to learn new things and give a pre-school practice.

2. What Are The Things That I Should Look For While Purchasing Gifts For Three-Year-Olds?

The most important skills you should look for are creative thinking, cognitive thinking, and motor skills.

3. What Is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These toys make your kid ahead of others in the class and build a strong foundation in science.


By now, you must have made up your mind. In this guide, we’ve covered all kinds of gifts that are enjoyable and promote learning at the same time.

One should also realize that there’s no proven formula for choosing the best gifts for 3 year olds. What is best for one may not be good for another.

Every child is unique and has their own preferences. Just observe them closely and you would know what to do.

All the products mentioned on our list meet safety standards and are mostly STEM certified. We hope that your little one would like any gift that you choose from here.

Always remember, a gift from the heart can never go wrong.

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